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Part 1 – Why We’re Here
Part 2 – The Checklist Mom Team
Part 3 – It All Started With a Poopy Diaper

We’re a brother and sister team, Marc Paul and Monick Paul Halm, and we’re each parents.  We each know what it’s like to be a busy parent struggling to find time for yourself, your family, and your other priorities.  

Part 1- Why We’re Here:

   “We are here for all over-worked and under-appreciated multi-tasking moms:

As a busy modern Mom – YOU are never really alone in your thoughts.
YOU always have to think of yourself AND everyone else.  In your mind you have to remember yourself, your kids, your spouse, your pets, your parents, your kids’ school, your work and… you name it.

It’s enough to make a person’s head hurt!  There are always so many people and details to think about, and sometimes you forget something (or at least we often did) and the consequences can be messy! (Read below about the poopy diaper incident that started this all).

We wished we could have a personal assistant to follow us around and help.
Alas, we didn’t have the budget for that. 

So the questions we then asked ourselves were: with the amazing technology we have in our purses and at our finger tips, could we create something to help our lives (and the lives of other parents) be less complicated and easier?

Could we do something to help all those thoughts and details and to-do lists get out of our heads and be easily accessible and organized at the touch of a button?

In other words, could we create the
equivalent of a digital personal assistant?

What we came up with is pretty ingenious (if we say so ourselves 🙂 ) and could be perfect for you:

√ If YOU manage “Everything for Everybody” in your household,
√ If YOU are the “Organizational Glue” that holds your family together,
√ If YOU feel “Pressed for Time, Every Time” you leave your home,
√ If YOU are sick and tired, of “Forgetting That 1 Thing” that destroys your schedule, creates unnecessary DRAMA, and eats away the productive hours in your day,
√ If YOU ever wanted a “Fool Proof” way to delegate simple tasks …

Then YOU need and deserve what we wanted:
a full time personal assistant!”
but, since we couldn’t afford one either! LOL

We did the the next best thing
and invented the perfect, practical, alternative:
The Checklist Mom iPhone/iPad App and
The Checklist Mom “Peace of Mind – On The Checklist (“OTC”) System”

Our MISSION is simple … to make your life simpler, your precious time more effective, and using your trusty iPhone, and our training innovations.

To Give YOU (and your partner) an
EXTRA 3+ Hours a Week Each,
 of STRESS FREE, Drama Free, and Guilt FREE Time,
for what’s important to YOU!

Part 2 – The Checklist Mom Team:

Checklist Mom founder Marc Paul and family on vacation

Checklist Mom founder Marc Paul and family on vacation

Marc Paul: CEO and Founder of Checklist Mom
√ Husband of Efua (a child psychologist) and father of Cleo, age 6, and Noah, age 4.

√ Marc is a technology entrepreneur who specializes in building mobile apps that help individuals and families be more organized and productive.

√ Marc has spent the past 12 years working at global Fortune 500 companies spanning such industries as entertainment and high-tech.

√ Companies that Marc worked with and consulted for include Fox Entertainment, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers.

√ Working in these fast-paced industries, Marc quickly realized the link between organization and productivity. In 2009, he turned that realization into action when he founded NexGenMob.com, a company that creates mobile apps to help individuals manage their lives more efficiently and successfully.

√ He worked with his wife, an experienced school psychologist, to develop Checklist Mom as a way to help new mothers stay more organized as they attempt to juggle multiple responsibilities.

√ A very organized person with great ideas.

√ Passionate about creating systems that ensure success for people.

√ The poor guy who had to deal with that poopy diaper incident. (see below)

How Marc uses the App and the system to maintain
calm and piece of mind in his busy family life


Monick_FamilyMonick Paul Halm: Chief Creative Officer of Checklist Mom
√ “Says YES to almost every project or activity she has ever learned about!”

√ Wife of Peter (a graphic designer and, together with Monick, a house flipper) and mother to Aliza, age 6, and step-mother to India, age 19 and Teo, age 16, and younger sister to Marc.

√ A very busy mom that wears many, many hats, and needs systems like Checklist Mom to keep all the balls in the air. [In addition to being a mom, wife, and the CCO of Checklist Mom, she’s an interior designer and house flipper, public speaker, yoga teacher, author, artist, certified Success, Money Mastery, and NLP coach, reiki master, founder of and frequent volunteer for her youngest daughter’s charter school, and stage mom (her step-son and youngest daughter are actors).

√ Passionate about helping women to thrive in all areas of their lives.

√ Not present at the poopy diaper incident, but the unfortunate participant in many of her own poopy diaper incidents. (Alas, those were the days before Checklist Mom).


Part 3 – How, embarrassment and beating myself up for not being a perfect
parent … led to the perfect practical solution.  Marc’s Story:

It All Started With A Dirty Poopy Diaper!

Yes It’s true, this blog, this website and everything else that relates to it, can all be traced back to a dirty diaper.

You see, Cleo was only 6 weeks old when I took her out for that fateful stroller walk to the park on that brisk California October morning back in 2008. I knew we would be away from home for at least an hour, so I made sure to pack everything I knew she needed into her diaper back. This included a milk bottle, sun hat, baby lotion, wet wipes, blanket, and everything else that I could think of.

If I only knew …

“On the way out the front door, I felt completely prepared and in control.
I had everything needed for Cleo’s first trip to the park, … or so I thought.”

Cleo was great baby, she always smiled and rarely fussed. And when she did fuss, I could always relate back to either she was hungry, tired or dirty. So on that beautiful morning when we finally arrived to the park, Cleo started to fuss and cry.

I knew she was not hungry since I had just fed her a 1/2 hour before. I knew she was not tired since she had just woken up from a 4 hour nap. So she had to be soiled I thought, and of course she was.

“No problem I found a spot under a shady tree, put down the blanket,
pull out the wipes and reached for the diapers.
Diapers? Diapers? Where are thediapers?”

My mouth drops opens, are you serious? … No Diapers!
And Cleo was pooping everywhere. I mean it ran down her legs,
all over the blanket and on my fingers,
oh yuck… and I had NO DIAPERS!


As I sat there beating myself up, for not being a perfect parent, and on top of the situation…

I kept saying to myself:
“How could I forget the diapers?
I had everything, but the diapers!
What was wrong with ME???”

At that very moment I was determined that this
would never happen to me again.

If I’d had a checklist for her baby bag, I wouldn’t have forgotten such an important item.
I decided I would start to use checklists for all aspects of my baby’s life.”

I was great at using checklists at work, so I would apply the same principles to taking care of my Cleo. I shared my lists with my wife, our caretakers, our parents and anyone else who played a role in Cleo’s life.

These baby checklists were a hit, so much so, that I thought why not make them available as an app? I mean almost everyone has a smart phone, they carry them wherever they go, so a baby checklist app would work great for the mobile mom or dad.

And since I worked in technology, I thought I would go ahead and make it happen. So I launched the “Baby Pack & Go” baby packing checklist app in 2009. It’s been a success and has inspired our team to push the boundaries of creating an even better and the more comprehensive “Checklist Mom” app – now with checklists for all aspects of a Mom’s busy life, and the life of her kids at all ages.

“A must go-to app for any parent who needs, deserves,
and desires a personal assistant.”

Thank you for visiting our blog and as always:with the Checklist Mom … you’ll

Marc Paul
Checklist Mom

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