All About the APP

All About the APP

Checklistmom_chaostoorderThe app is available in Apple’s App store: Click here to Get the App
The app works for: iPhones, iPads, and coordinates with Apple’s iCloud.

It comes in 2 variations:

  • A Free Starter Version – with our rotating weekly 5 most popular pre-done customizable checklists for you to try out prior to premium upgrade.
  • A Premium Version for only $2.99 – that has over 250+ pre-done customizable checklists (and growing…) handcrafted for busy MOMS (FYI: WOW that’s 1000’s of hours of organizational work just waiting for you to get started. Yep 1000’s of hours of work and organization already DONE!)

Over 75,000 Busy Moms have already downloaded the Checklist Mom application… we are constantly improving it, and adding more lists to our Master Organization Library… if you wanted to see the current BIG List of Lists, click here.

On the rest of this page we’re going to show you:
1.  How the Free Version and $2.99 Premium Version of the Checklist Mom App compare.  (click here)
2.  How we find you an EXTRA 3+ hours a week, every week. (click here)
3.  A detailed list of the features and benefits of the Checklist Mom app. (click here)

1. Comparing the Versions:

Our pre-made checklists average 40-60 items, each.
The big checklists, like our master grocery list – can have over 200 items.

Its takes our team over 20++ hours to get a single list brainstormed, designed, tested, and then made and placed into the Checklist Mom System. That means right out of the gate, we’ve saved you 1000’s of hours of thinking time when you get the Premium Version.

As a matter of fact, many of our Checklist Moms – start any new project,
or task by first looking through their checklist library to get ideas from
pre-done lists… that save them tons of time, STRESS and unnecessary mistakes.

If you want to see the current library, click here.

When you read “How we Find You 3 EXTRA Hours a week – you’ll
understand how many hours a week this can mean to you.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the 2 versions of the app.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.03.54 AMchecklikstmom about app A vs.B

2. How Do We find YOU (and the other adults in your household)
an EXTRA 3+ hours a week … Each?

We built you a “full time personal assistant,” that lives in your iPhone, and simply and easily coordinates with the rest of your life.

Every heard this 17th century Ben Franklin axiom?
“A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place.”
That’s the SOLUTION in a nutshell, and it’s easy to do with
today’s cloud technology and the Check List Mom.

First we teach you; The “3P’s, with the Peace of Mind “On The CheckList” (OTC) System.”

In addition to your daily “MUST Do List” …

You will have a customized checklists with “visual picture cues” for:

Places you go on a regular basis. (each grocery store, daily activity, etc)
Projects you are working on now & Projects you are planning
All the People, you need to help organize.

“The Quit Wasting Time – I Love This” Concept:
After working with 75,000 Moms we’ve learned a few things.
The average “Multitasking Super Mom” wastes 20-30 minutes a day (2-3 hours a wk):

Trying to remember things …
Repeating the same instructions over and over …
Wasting time thinking about “what should be on the list” instead of doing the task.
Doing tasks that could be easily delegated to others.

These dedicated Moms waste another 1-2 hours a week, trying to recover from forgetting to do things, and another 1-2 hours dealing with the STRESS and DRAMA of family members who forget to do their things.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.22.11 AMThe key to making this simple is: as you think of something that needs to be done, it instinctively goes on the “exact checklist” where it belongs.

When you remember you need to “pick up the cleaning,”  “drop by the drug store” and “get some milk.”  You put them on their respective lists.

Instead of writing and rewriting your to do list every day, you simply remind yourself of the people, places or projects you need to think about today, and when you go to that specific list EVERYTHING is already there – waiting for you, because you already made the checklist, during the day to day activities of your life.

Your list is ready when you are … Just like having a full time assistant who organizes all the millions of details of your life.

Now that you have a complete and updated list, that you can easily take care of it, or you can delegate it to someone else.

And this is how it gets ever better… Drama FREE DELEGATION!

Suppose you want someone else to do the grocery shopping while you run some other errands. How can you do that without DRAMA? Its EASY.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.26.27 AMA typical list might say “apples.” But for you it’s important what kind.
Your little one will always eat the Gala apples, but won’t touch the Granny Smith.
… there’s at least 6 varieties in most stores, and then
… do you want organic, or non-organic?

With the checklist Mom App – you make a
customized list: 1 time for that store, and you can add comments
AND pictures of each item, so anyone can do the task.

We designed the app so you can easily organize YOUR 3P’s with:

√ Written names
√ Photos or Images (works great for kids)
√ Colors (especially good for children)
√ Sounds / Alerts

Here’s an example:

Let’s say your grocery store and dry cleaners are a block a part …
1. By using a picture of the grocery store and the dry cleaners, any time I’m going to one, I remind my self to look at the list for the other. (Not back tracking will save you a ton of time each week.)

2. And you could drop someone off with the Checklist Mom app and your customized checklist, to do the grocery shopping while you run the errand to the dry cleaners.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.28.49 AM3.  A Detailed List of the Features and Benefits of the Checklist Mom App.

about the app chart#1 about the app chart2

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