Welcome to the Checklist Parent


Hi, my name is Marc.  I’m the founder and inventor of the Checklist Parent, and I’d like to welcome you to the Checklist Parent Community.

We’re here to make your life easier, using  a little technology and the tool you have in your hand or purse 90% of your day – your iPhone.

My team and 22,000 other busy Moms have helped us build a “Peace of Mind” system that makes sure you “Forget Nothing,” and can easily “Accomplish Everything” you want to.

Our immediate goal is to help YOU find 20-30 extra minutes a day,
or 3+ EXTRA hours a week of STRESS Free, Drama Free and Guilt Free time.

It’s kind of like having a ‘Full Time Personal Assistant’
that joyfully & reliably remembers everything, reminds everyone,
and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
BUT, the best news is … YOU don’t have to pay, feed or clothe them.

We try to make everything simple and easy, so the hardest thing you’ll have to do is figure out what you’ll do, with YOUR extra 150 hours a year of FREE time
you’ll get by routinely using the app to simplify & organize your life.

Give me just 2 minutes and come with me on a tour of our website, so you can learn how best to use the Checklist Parent App and the many resources on this website to save you time, inspire you, and hopefully entertain you a bit too.

In the “About Us” Section, you’ll learn how this all got started with a “poopy diaper,” and WHY we got started in creating tools to help  overworked and under-appreciated busy MOMs find a break and regain some control over their lives.

In the “All About the App” Section, you’ll learn all about the innovative Checklist Parent app and figure out which of the two Checklist Parent app versions is best for you.  You may choose the Free Version or the Premium Version.  In this section, you’ll learn the differences between the “Free Version of the App,” with 5 essential pre-made checklists, and the “Premium Version” that costs just $2.99, and contains an ever-expanding number of checklists (currently there are over 200 pre-populated checklists on this site covering almost any topic a mother could wish for). You’ll also learn how you can use the Checklist Parent app to easily create your own checklists from scratch or personalize the Checklist Parent checklists for yourself and your family.

I’d like to tell you a little about the special Checklist Parent checklists:
Each list has gone through a long building and testing process to
make sure “it’s the perfect place to start” for organizing and
creating all your to-do checklist, for everything.

Once you open a pre-made list you can totally customize it to fit your individual needs.

We invest approximately 20+ hours in developing each checklist, then the checklist goes out to be MOM field tested. We then refine them, and finally send them to you [automatically updated on the premium version??].

All the checklists and the innovative “Peace of Mind – On the Checklist Training” help you organize all the projects you are working on, all the people in your life you have to interact with, and all the places you go.

We call that the 3P’s:

People = kids, spouse, boss, co-workers, doctors, etc.
Places = grocery store, kids’ school, cleaners, gym, etc.
Projects = children’s birthday party, dinner party, work projects, etc.
All organized in the palm of your hand on your iPhone or iPad.

This section also shows you some of the cool features of the system – like being able to delegate tasks, by sending lists via email, or updating them so they sync with everyone else in your family.

Many Moms tell us they save a ton of time, starting with our Big Lists of Lists,
to brainstorm, so they have a tested reference point before they begin any project … from grocery shopping, to buying a new car / house, to packing for travel.

When you think about it 200+ lists at 20+ hours of Mom tested research,
gives you a pre-made library of organization that would have taken
you abut 4,000 hours or 2 full work years to put together.

And you get them all 200+ of them for $2.99 or
less than cup of coffee at Starbucks.

If you would like to see the Big List of Checklists click here.
You’ll be amazed at how much we cover.

If you are interested in what some of our 22,000 users have to say from iTunes, or our Facebook page then you will want to look at “Parents Praises.”

We are always vitally interested in what you have to say, and what kind
of lists and trainings you are looking for, and how we can make Checklist Parent work better for you … so please let us know what’s on your mind.

Learning the App: Whether you want to get a really “FAST Start,” or learn all the power that’s been built into the app then you want to go to our Video Based Resource Library.

In this section we keep all the Checklist Parent trainings and organizational tools.
Most of them are on short “how to” videos – that you can easily watch on your phone.

A Big Suggestion that accelerates your progress:

We just launched our new training program.


We call it: “The Peace of Mind – On The Checklist” Training (Normal Cost $97)
If you sign up for it now, we will give it to you for only $29

This is a set of 12 mini trainings that show you exactly how you can find that extra 3+ hours a week of STRESS Free, Guilt Free, & Drama Free time.

Every couple of days, you’ll get an email with a  10 minute (or less) training or lesson.

You can do them as you go through your week or do them all in an hour over
the weekend.

The information will be in video and pdf document formats … both of which you can use on your iPhone or iPad.

Here’s a few highlights of what you’ll learn:

√ How you can really double your productivity.
√ How to think through a complete project in 10 minutes or less.
√ Where to begin every project .. to save yourself a ton of time and aggravation.
√ How to delegate simple tasks – and make sure they get done 90% as well as you would do them or better.
√ How 1 simple daily to-do list, and the “On the Checklist” system finds you free time every day.
√ How to never forget an important date or task, even if you have not thought about it in weeks.

Click HERE now to get this special offer!

Thank you,
I look forward to hearing about your success using the checklist Parent App and trainings.

If you want to contact me directly you can send me an email at: [email protected]

I read every one of them.

Best regards,
“Forget Nothing/Accomplish Everything”

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