Parents Praises

Parents’ Praises

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Special Needs Kids
“I recently downloaded your app. I have two boys on the autism spectrum and I must say , this did not disappoint. I make their own personal list for day to day, it reduces their stress and provides them with the list of things they need to do and what to expect.

Each morning, they check their tablets to see the steps they need to take to have a successful day . Great job!!!!” ❤ Nana Boo

Wonderful app concept! ★★★★★
“It’s Mom’s Swiss Army knife!” By OutofTowner2000

This app is an organizer’s dream ★★★★★
“I often get overwhelmed about what i need to do next when getting my kids ready or prioritizing chores at home. This app has every topic that I need and I just go down the lists and accomplish what’s next. Love, love, love it!!!” by Hermain2012

I’ve found 4 hours a week I never knew I had!

“Thank YOU! You have saved what remained of my sanity. With your tools and training I’m finally able to trust my husband, and my teen age kids to do the grocery shopping … they just follow the lists, and look at the pictures. No drama, no mistakes.

The more lists I use – the more FREE time I have… being able to print lists and delegate tasks with my iPhone, made my sisters baby shower a breeze. Mary Kincade

P.S. I loved the travel app, and the event planner, just having your lists as a starting point makes me seem like super mom. I guess now I am LOL.”

I love this app! ★★★★★
This app is really great. There are fantastic list templates for practically everything you can think of in order to stay focus and keep your sanity 🙂 the alert notifications are great for setting reminders, and i can also share my lists with our kids. Keep the list templates coming! by theteethyboys

️BEST APP EVER!!!!❤️ ★★★★★
This app lets you do so much! There is a small in-app purchase that unlocks every thing!!!! It’s been helping me so much lately and it suggests things that you can put on your list, images you can add to help you to go faster, and MUCH MORE!!!! I can’t wait to buy the full version! (This app has never crashed on me) by Auzzielovessassey

Excellent for busy moms! ★★★★★
This is a fantastic app for busy moms. My family and I are always in sync now on what responsibilities we all have to do for just about everything, that includes grocery shopping, cleaning the house, packing our bags for vacation, and more. The calendar and alerts are great. Would highly recommend!!! by Marcie1977

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Loving it! ★★★★★
“This is a miracle life saver, with 3 kids, I’m juggling schedules, events, cleaning, shopping, you name it. It’s all there. I love this app and it gets better with every update!” by CP2008

Great app! ★★★★★
“Great app! Using it for my sons birthday and it has everything I wanted! Simple and perfect!” by Rnuclearwessels

If you’re a multi-tasking & a busy busy Mom – this is the ultimate solution to getting more done.
“I’ve tried them all! Day timers, post it notes on top of post it notes, folio books, index cards… nothing has worked as well as having my lists in the palm of my hand in my phone.

Its just so EASY, and quick … my husband hates the fact that I can forward him lists – but with the pictures he get things done right the first time and he doesn’t have any excuses for buying EXTRAS at the grocery store.” LOL  Lisa Johnson

Love ★★★★★
“Loveeeee ittttt!!!!!!” by LNoelia

Great app ★★★★★
“Fantastic app!!! Lots of features and makes life easy for entire moms community.”
by Shrutishah7jan

Most thorough check lists ever! ★★★★★
“I love this app. It’s beautifully laid out, easy to use, and the checklists are so thorough – they think of everything here. I highly recommend!” by LAMommy2010

Good set of templates ★★★★★
“The templates lists selection is amazing and they’ve really made this app easy to use now. Thumbs up!” by marielamb67

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