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Our Ever Growing Resource Library

In Video Player #1 FAST Start:   
You’ll learn how to quickly set up your 1st list, using either the FREE or Premium Versions of the app.

In Video Player #2 The Details Piece by Piece:
You’ll get detailed explanations about how to use all the unique features in the app to make your life easier and easier, and how to create Fool Proof picture lists, so you can delegate tasks, and know they’ll be done right.

In Section #3
For folks who like to read … You’ll see the PDF Downloadable Document Library.
You can read instructions online and download them to your phone or computer.

Video Player #1: Fast Start

Video Player #2: The Details Piece by Piece

  • Video 1 Download the app ( 2 min)
  1. This video shows you how to download the app from the iTunes app store. You can get the free version (with its 5 pre-done checklist templates) or the $2.99 version with its hundreds of suggested checklists
  • Video 2 How to sign up now to start using app (2.5 min)
  1. Quick Tour
  2. Sign up and get started now
  3. Try it now, with limited features, and sign up later
  • Video 3 A Quick High Lever OVERVIEW of the App, including (5 min)
  1. Your Home Page = Create to-do checklists from scratch
  2. Create instant to do checklists from pre-made templates (over 300+)
  3. Go premium and get more list types and features
  4. Your List status page = your personal list inventory
  5. Your Calendars = schedule your families events
  6. Alert notifications for every occasion & calendar event reminders
  7. Settings and Information = personalize colors etc & reach us
  • Video 4 How to upgrade to the $2.99 PREMIUM App Version (5 min)
    (Includes over 350 pre-made suggested checklists.)
  1. With the PREMIUM Version you get EVERYTHING
  2. All advertising is eliminated
  3. Automatically get new lists as they are added to the list library
  4. Connect and sync with your iCloud account and other devices
  5. Import and export lists with other family members or project partners
  • Video 5 How to Create Your Checklists from Scratch (5 min)
  1. Start from scratch and completely create your own to do lists
  2. Add, unique images (we have an image library), list names, list event dates
  3. Establish each category, then add the detailed items of each category
  4. See the progress of your list/project
  • Video 6 Using Pre-done Checklist Templates to Save Time (9 min)
  1. Save time and thinking using pre-populated suggested lists
  2. Use catalog tasks and items to customize lists
  3. Adding details to your list
  4. Add a list name (required)
  5. Add an image (optional)
  6. Photo, library photo, image icons
  7. Add a date for an event (optional)
  8. Preview your list and save to start using
  9. How to build a list quickly from the catalogue of pre-typed tasks
  • Video 7 How to Use Your Completed Checklists to Save Time and Effort (12 min)
  1. View list’s categories and items
  2. List management = Compare the total to do items on a list, to those completed (your progress completion rate)
  3. Hide/show checked items
  4. DELEGATION – Share via email, texts and/or print list with family members
  5. Add new categories and/or items to improve, customize & refine your lists
  6. Sort items to make everything easier
  7. Search for items throughout the your lists.

Section #3: The Document Library

When you click on a document, you’ll get a new browser window, and you’ll be able to do the following:
Read it online
Print it out
Download it

Checklist Mom App –  Instructions Manual Checklist Parent User Guide

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