These are support notes.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to learn about the app is to refer to our resource library video players.
The first one is a Fast Start Training.
The second goes into all the details of the app, piece by piece.

If you would like to send us a question or a comment, please use this support address.
[email protected]

Sign Up and Log In:


When the Splash screen disappears, a Welcome Screen will appear with three options for you to choose from. First one is the “Sign Up Now For Free”, which will take you to Login Screen. Second is “Try It Now. Sign Up Later”, which will lead straight to the Home Screen of the App. And third is “Quick Tour”, a walkthrough guide of all the functions of the App before you start exploring.

Guide Screens

“Quick Tour” from the Welcome Screen will take you to a walkthrough of the App. Screen 1 will have the Home Screen of the App which explains to you how to start a new list, where to search and add more lists & how to schedule events and set reminders for your lists. Screen 2 will guide you on how to create a new list in detail. Screen 3 is a List View. Once a list is created, managing items in a list will be made easier for you through this screen. And finally the last screen will give an over view of the App Calendar, how to add new events, see and manage existing events and sync with the device calendar.


Once you tap “Sign Up Now For Free” on Welcome Screen, you will be directed to the Login Screen. Here you will be asked to enter your email address and our system will verify if it is already registered or it’s new.

Once you are logged into the app, you will remain logged in regardless of how many times the app was opened and closed.You will remain logged in unless you explicitly log out.


Home Screen

Once you are logged into the app, the Home Screen is displayed. This screen shows you different categories of checklist types for you to use. There will be several default checklist categories (Grocery Shopping, Event Planning, Travel Packing, Babysitter & Time Management, Fun & Hobbies, Fitness) and an option to create your own custom list. You can search and add more list categories to the Home Screen by tapping the button on the righthand side of the Navigation Bar.

The Tab bar allows you to navigate through the screens.Available Tabs are “Home”, “List Status”, “Calendar”, “Alerts” and “More”. Tapping on Tabs will result in opening respective screens as follows:
a. Home Tab will take you to the Home Screen of the App.
b. List Status Tab will direct to all the lists created by you.
c. Calendar Tab will show Calendar Screen with all the events listed down.
d. Alerts Tab will load Alerts Screen
e. More Tab will open a screen with options including Settings and Information.

Create Checklist

Shop More Lists

By tapping the “Shop More List” button on Home Screen Navigation Bar, you will be able to shop from more lists. You can search for more premium list categories and add them to the Home Page for use. Tapping each list category Icon will load it’s respective Information Page, which has, list description and price. From here you will also be able to preview the list items, by tapping the Preview button.

You can purchase our premium lists one at a time, or you can buy them all at once at a discounted price. Once you have purchased a list, it will show on the home page and will be removed from the “Shop More List Screen”.

Create New Checklist (Popup)

On Selecting a Checklist Category from Home Screen, a Popup will appear with two options:
a. Try our Suggested Lists (This option makes it easy for you to choose ready-made lists that we have already created for you and that you can start using right away)
b. Pick Items from our Catalog (This option gives you the choice to customize and pick only the specific categories and items that you want to use from our catalog to build your own list)

Create Checklist

Create Checklist Screen opens up when you select Catalog or Suggested Lists, here you are able to add the basic information about the list being created.
If you select the Catalog option, then the screen will have two fields. “List Name” field is mandatory whereas “Date” field is optional. You can set an event date for that list from the Date Picker field (*note – event dates are added to calendar in Events module).
And if you select the Suggested Lists, then the respective screen will have an additional field as a dropdown menu for selecting suggested lists.
Both scenarios will have an Image Placeholder to add Image or Icon for that list. Once tapped, a popup will open with three options, “Take APhoto”, “Use Phone Library” and “Use Icon Library”.
•    “Take A Photo” will take you to Camera mode
•    “Use Phone Library” will take you to your Phone’s Photo Gallery
•    “Use Icon Library” will take you to Icon Library inside the App

After adding all the information, you will tap the right arrow button to save it and move to next screen.

a. Pick Items from Catalog
If you select this option, after saving the basic information, you will be presented with a catalog full of categories and items to select from. You can select a whole category; some items from a category, set quantity for a particular item and can attach pictures to an item. Items for a particular category show up by tapping the category.
Search bar can help you find items quickly.

b. Try Our Suggested Lists
Once you select a particular suggested list from the drop down menu, a screen with respective categories and items will be presented for you to preview.

In both options, your list will be created once you tap the Save button.

Icon Library

When an Image Place Holder is tapped, this screen shows up. It has a search bar to search a suitable icon for the list, from a pool of icons.

How To Use Checklist

List Status

This screen can be accessed through the “List Status” tab on the bottom tab bar. This screen shows all the lists created by you and can be filtered by “In Progress” and “Complete” status of the lists.

On this screen, each list will show it’s associated image (if added), name and status progress in terms of numbers (quantity of the categories present in the list along with the number of completed tasks) and in the form of a status bar.
A list can be deleted from this screen by swiping it to the left. A popup will open to confirm the deletion.

If there is no list on this screen, you can start one from the Home Page.

List Details

When you select a list from the List Status screen, the system will direct you to detail view where you can manage the categories and items by adding and sharing them.

This screen will show:
Progress Bar: indicate how much the list is completed / Value and weight of each item

Categories: with all the respective items selected or added by you. You can view the items by tapping on the category.

Quantity bar: with each item where you can increase or decrease an item’s quantity

Each item has an edit function. By swiping an item to the left will give you three options: delete (to delete the item), edit (to edit the information of an item) and duplicate (to copy the same item).
A time clock icon is shown in front of an item to which an alert has been added
Toolbar at the top with five functions:

Hide/Show (To make the items visible or invisible, that are completed)

Share (To share it via email or sms)

Add (To add a new category to the list manually)

Select (To add a new category or item from the catalog)

Edit (To change the placement of an item in categories. You can move an item up or down)

You can add a new item to each category anytime through the “Add Item” row present at the bottom of every category
Edit an item will take you to the Item/Task detail screen where name,value weight etc. of an item can be changed.

Camera icon at the top right corner lets you view the list in a Cover Flow and Collage view. By pressing the button, it will open up a popup with both the options. Both will have the same functionalities like the list view, just the categories and items are assembled differently.


Events screen shows a calendar and list view of events. A popup opens up from the top right button for those options.
– A new event can be added by double tapping a certain date in the Calendar. This will open up a new screen “Add New Event”. List View will show all the events in the list form with a name, date and time with each event.

– Events are also added to calendar when you add dates to the Event Date field of acreated in the Create Checklist screen
– In Calendar view, an event that has already been added will be shown within the Calendar by tapping the respective date.
– An event can be deleted by swiping the event to the left.
– Sync button allows you to sync your events to your device calendar.

Add Event Details

Add New Event screen will load when you double tap a date in the Calendar.
It has following fields:
• Event Name
• Starting Date
• Ending Date
• Notes for the event

Alert Notifications


Alert Screen opens up from the Alert tab in the bottom tab bar. Alerts can be added to any pending item or task so that reminder alert notifications will be sent to you. This screen lists all the items/tasks that are assigned notifications due dates. A new item/task can be assigned from the add button. Search bar allows you to search a specific item/task through the list.
– You can filter the notifications for the items by incomplete, complete and for those for which dates are not set.
– An alert can be deleted by swiping the item/task to the left.

Add Alert Details

A new alert can be added to an item/task from the alert screen.
This screen has following fields:
• Item/Task Name
• Due Date for the notification
• Repeat (alert can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
• Assign to a list (alert can be assigned to a specific list)
• Notes (you can add notes to the respective alert for an item/task)


Settings Screen

This screen can be found under“More Tabs” in the bottom tab bar. Settings screen has two major components: Custom and Data.


Custom includes settings of following features of the App:

• Design
Change the color of the App interface according to its preference. It has 8 exciting and colorful themes to make the App look attractive and amazing (Classic, Rose Garden, Sophistication, Blue Horizon, Classic Notepad, Lush Forest, Purple Rain and Red Velvet)

• Font
Set the font size according to their visibility (small, medium, large and extra large) and also can change the writing style from the picker menu opened from Font tab

• Sound
Switch the sound of alert notifications on and off and thenselect your preferred sound type

• Weight
Set the weight unit preference (lb or kg) that you want to use for your lists

• Currency
Set the currency unit preference that you want to use for your lists

• Group List Items
Choose to group or ungroup items in a list. When you switch it off, all items in your lists are listed on page without group categories

• Hide Images
Choose to hide or make category and item images visible in lists. You will not be able to use the cover flow or collage views if this feature is disabled.


• iCloud
Use iCloud feature to share and make your lists available between your IOS devices. You can sync all the App’s data to your iCloud account by switching it on. This opens up a popup giving up three options to select from: Upload to iCloud (all the data can be uploaded to iCloud), Download from iCloud (data from iCloud can be downloaded to the App) and Delete all on iCloud (this will delete all data from the iCloud related to the App saved earlier).

• Import/Export
Use this import and export data share lists between your family and friends who use the same account

• App Icon Badge
This gives you options to turn the alert or checklist count on and off on the Checklist Mom app icon.

• Login/Logout
You can Login or Logout from this tab anytime.

• Quick Tour
Quick Tour tab will take you to the guide screens of the App and will him/her a walkthrough.

• Restore Previous Deleted Lists
If a you deleted any list and want it back to the App, this tab can restore lists that have been deleted.


Information Screen

Information screen loads up from the info button on the settings screen. This has all the information about the App and you can also connect to the Checklist Mom people from here via email, Facebook, Twitter or website. This screen is divided into two parts too that are App Info and Connect.


• Help  This is the support section of the App where you can have information on how to use the App and it’s different sections. It includes:
Create Checklist (Information on how to create new checklist)
How to use Checklist (Information on how to use the already created checklists)
Calendar (Information on how to add new event or edit an existing event)
Alert Notifications (Information on how to set a new alert, edit an existing notification and end the alert)
Settings (Information on how the use and access the settings’ features)

• Version
This displays the version of the App. It is updated when the App updates

• Disclaimer
This shows you a legal disclaimer about the App

• Privacy
This is to let you know that Company owns the App and website and reserves all the rights to handle and monitor the data

• Terms of Use
This displays the Terms and conditions of the App

• Mail
You can share the Checklist Mom App’s information to his/her family or friends via mail

• Facebook
You can connect to the Checklist Mom Facebook Page through this

• Twitter
You will be connected to Twitter Page of Checklist Mom App from this tab

• Contact Us
This will open up a contact form from where you can connect to Checklist Mom team

• Visit Website
This link will takes you to the Checklist Mom website

• Gift App
Use this link to share Checklist Mom app free with family and friends

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