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5 Back-to-School Hacks to Save You Time & Stress

August 18, 2016



It’s that time of the year again. Kids are heading back to school, and we’re here with some back-to-school hacks to help make the transition and the school year easier.

bus-1319360_1280We parents dream of stress-free mornings where kids get ready with ease, eat a nutritious breakfast, and are ready to head out the door with everything they need in their backpacks and with time to spare.

Ha!  The reality for most parents is that they are scrambling every morning to get kids dressed, fed, and out the door on time with everything they’re supposed to have.

Kids are shouting about lost socks or underwear, homework gets forgotten, lunches are a disaster, and everyone leaves the house feeling frazzled and irritable. It doesn’t have to be the case.

In this post, we will share with you 5 incredibly simple back-to-school hacks you can implement to help you and your kids get organized and feel more peaceful and prepared each morning. These tips will ease your morning, prepare your kids have a better experience at school, and leave you feeling super.

1. Set Clothes Aside The Night or Weekend Before.
Many parents lose precious minutes every day because their kids don’t know what to wear and/or they’re searching for lost items.

This tip ensures that you won’t have to deal with these issues each morning.

The night before lay out EVERYTHING your child will need for school the next day – from undies to hair ties.

If you want to amp this up to the next level, get 5 gallon-sized plastic baggies and label each one with a day of the week. On Sunday, set aside and bag outfits for every weekday. All your child has to do is grab that day’s baggie in the morning and everything she needs will be in there.

2. Organize the School Folder & Backpack
Have you ever been half-way out the door or half-way already to school and had your child discover that they had forgotten their homework, to bring their uniform for that after-school sport, or to have you sign that field trip permission slip? There is a simple way to avoid this problem. Organize for your child or have your child organize his/her backpack and review your child’s school folder the night before school. Sign what needs to be signed, and make sure everything is in the pack – from homework to any items needed for the next day’s extra-curricular activities. Preparing the night before will save you from scrambling last minute in the morning.

3. Freeze Sandwiches.
The morning lunch prep can be stressful and very time-consuming.   One easy way to save time is to prepare the sandwiches the night or weekend before and freeze them to keep them fresh.

The trick is to remember what can and can’t be frozen and make sure the bread doesn’t get soggy. Bread, meats, cheese, and condiments are great frozen. Items that CAN’T be frozen are: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery, apples, grapes, and raw onion.

To keep your bread from getting soggy you need to make sure nothing watery can be absorbed into it. One of the simplest way to do this is to put a layer of something high in fat (like butter or peanut butter) over the insides of the bread.

girl-holding-up-a-plastic-bag-in-her-left-hand-that-contained-a-number-of-apple-slices-362x5444. Pre-Slice Apples & Other Fruit
Another quick lunch time-saver is to pre-slice and bag up fruit to easily grab and put into lunch. If you pre-slice an apple and want to keep it from turning brown, you can place it in a tub with some lemon juice or lemonade and water.

5. Use Checklists.
A big stressor and time-suck is having to remember everyone’s morning tasks and making sure everyone is doing what they need to. Creating checklists beforehand can help you easily avoid having to do that.

Our tip is to create a morning checklist for every family member. As long as they’re able to read, you can save time by not having to tell them what to do. All they have to do is look at their checklist and follow it.

My daughter’s checklist includes everything from brushing her teeth to making her bed to making sure she has everything in her backpack.

Use the Checklist Parent app to organize all your checklists, shopping lists and to-do lists in one place.

Let us know in the comments if you found these helpful and/or what your favorite time-saving hacks are?

Monick HalmMonick Paul Halm is the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Checklist Parent.  She has made it her mission to empower parents to thrive in their lives, families, and careers.  She’s a busy mom of 3, certified life and career coach, author, speaker, yogi, and real estate investor.  She’s a wearer of many hats, and juggler of many duties and loves connecting with our moms.  You can connect with her on the Checklist Parent Facebook Page and on twitter as @monickpaulhalm.

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