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4 Reasons Why Real Estate Investment is Great for Time-Seeking Moms

May 9, 2016


4 Reasons Real Estate Investing is Great for MomsAt Checklist Mom, we are all about helping moms find more time freedom.  One of the best ways that I’ve found to get more time freedom, while making money is through real estate investment.

I’ve been a real estate investor for 11 years now.  I started with duplexes and single family home flips and my husband and I are now moving to bigger properties.  I have found real estate investment to be great for my family’s finances and lifestyle.

It’s a wonderful business for women, especially moms, but there are relatively few women in this space.  I’m always striving to improve my skills and knowledge, so I attend a lot of real estate conferences and seminars.  When I’m in these conferences, I’m always surprised at how few women are there (often it’s less than 10%).  It’s surprising because real estate is a particularly great investment opportunity for women – especially moms.

Here are 4 reasons why I think real estate investing is particularly great for moms:

Photo courtesy of Ken Teegarten www.SeniorLiving.Org

CC. Photo courtesy of Ken Teegarten www.SeniorLiving.Org

  1. Cash flow –  Provided you invest well, your real estate investments should provide cash flow from day 1.  In other words, after you deduct expenses from the income from your tenants, your have profits that you get to keep.  It’s a GREAT way to make money, and it’s mostly passive income (i.e., you don’t have to work for it – the money just comes to you).
  2. Life-style Friendly Business – remember that part about receiving cash flow that’s mostly passive?  That means that while you are making money your time is freed up for you to spend more time with your family, travel, etc.  Since we are all about helping moms find more time for themselves, we love this.
    Photo courtesy of Obra Shalom Campo Grande cc

    CC. Photo courtesy of Obra Shalom Campo Grande 

  3. Appreciation – Property values aren’t always rising, but over the long term all real estate values tend to rise or appreciate. This means that in addition to the cash flow, your net worth is also increasing as the value of your properties increase.  This is helpful for you and can be a vital part of leaving a legacy for your children.
  4. Tax Benefits – the federal government decided that they wanted to promote property ownership, so there are all sorts of tax benefits in the tax code for doing so.  First, unlike other businesses you might own as an entrepreneur, rental cash flow is not subject to self-employment tax.  In other words, if you make $25,000 in rental income in a year or $25,000 with a side-business selling crafts on Etsy, you’ll pay less taxes on the rental income. Another way in which you get to keep more of your cash flow is through something called depreciation.  It allows you to deduct a portion of the property value from income and pay less taxes.  In some cases, even though you’re getting income from your investment property, your property will reduce your overall tax burden (so you’re paying less taxes on all your income – not just on your income that you receive from the property).

For these 4 reasons and more, I think real estate investing is great for moms.  I am passionate about helping more moms/women get into this game, and from the conversations I’ve had with women I know the biggest barrier to getting into investing is knowing how to start.

That’s why I am presenting a free live webinar on Wednesday August 10, 2016 at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST for women called “How to Get Started Real Estate Investing Like a Goddess

In this webinar I’ll share:

  • the 7 biggest benefits of real estate investing
  • who are the members you need on your team to make sure your investment is a success
  • how you can find a great property that will cash-flow on day 1
  • how to get an investment property using little to none of your own money
  • what are the first steps you need to take to get started
  • and much more!

If you are interested, click here to sign up for the free live webinar on Wednesday August 10, 2016 at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. EST “How to Get Started Real Estate Investing Like a Goddess“.

We won’t be sending out a recording of this webinar, so make sure you’re there live and ready to take notes!  Also, please forward this to any other women you think might be interested.


Monick HalmMonick Paul Halm is the Chief Creative Officer at the Checklist Mom.  She has made it her mission to empower women and moms to thrive in their lives, families, and careers.  She’s a busy mom and stepmom of 3, certified life and career coach, author, speaker, and real estate investor.  She’s a wearer of many hats, and juggler of many duties and loves connecting with our moms.  You can connect with her on the Checklist Mom Facebook Page and on twitter as @monickpaulhalm.

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How to Invest in Real Estate Like a Goddess For Little or No Money Down

April 12, 2016


How to Invest Like a Goddess for Little or No Money DownSome of you may know that in addition to my work here at Checklist Mom, I’m the co-founder of a group called the Real Estate Investor Goddesses.  It’s a group geared to helping more women become real estate investors.  Tomorrow I’m co-hosting a free webinar called “How To Invest Like a Goddess With Little To No Money Down”.

Here’s the back story: I’m a real estate investor with my husband.  We’ve been flipping houses in LA for a few years now and are now investing in apartment buildings and mobile home parks.

My hubby and I went to a real estate seminar in Phoenix in January to learn how to get groups of investors together to buy large apartment buildings.  I was SOOO excited by what I learned – the potential for building real wealth and the win-win solutions you could create.  One thing upset me though as I looked around this room of 120+ people.  There were only about 9 women in the room!  Where were all the women?!

I decided right then and there that I wanted to change that.  I am all about helping women thrive and I think real estate investment is a great way for that.  It is actually a perfect business for women of any age or background. With real estate, anyone can build a business that is a perfect fit for them (and their family) at each stage of their life.  I believe it is hands down the best vehicle for anyone wanting to build a lifestyle business.

So I came back from our conference in Phoenix and started talking to my women friends about my desire to bring more women into real estate investing.  One friend, Denise Cooper, who’s a great money and biz coach, was also very interested in helping women build wealth through real estate.  We started the Real Estate Investor Goddesses together.  It’s a Facebook community for women interested in building Massive Wealth through:

  1. Real Estate Investor GoddessesMaking a property and community better than we find it.
  2. Creating only win-win situations for all, and
  3. Ensuring that everyone touched by our deals is uplifted and enriched.


Since we started we found that lots of women want to invest in real estate but they’re stopped by 2 reasons:  (1) they don’t know how to start and what to do; and/or (2) they don’t have the money.   If you’re thinking that you’d like to invest in real estate, but you don’t know where to start and/or you don’t have the money, you’ll definitely want to be on this webinar tomorrow:

“How To Invest Like a Goddess With Little To No Money Down”

There will be no gimmicks, no get rich schemes, just some real life examples on how to get into the real estate game.

If you’re interested come have lunch with us! The webinar is happening at 12 p.m. PST/3 pm EST.  You’ll want to be on the call live.  There will be no replays.

Register Here and see you on the internet!

Monick HalmMonick Paul Halm is the Chief Creative Officer at the Checklist Mom.  She has made it her mission to empower women and moms to thrive in their lives, families, and careers.  She’s a busy mom and stepmom of 3, certified life and career coach, author, speaker, and real estate investor.  She’s a wearer of many hats, and juggler of many duties and loves connecting with our moms.  You can connect with her on the Checklist Mom Facebook Page and on twitter as @thereikicoach.

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5 Must-Do Tax Preparation Tasks That Should Not Be Ignored!

April 6, 2016


tax 1040 snappaHere we go again!  Tax season for most Americans is in full swing here in the US and taxes are due on April 18th (you have 3 days of reprieve this year).  Are you stressed out trying to gather everything you need to do your taxes yourself or have a tax professional help you?  Are you trying to figure out what you need to gather for tax preparation?

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 12.05.38 PMTax Preparation Checklist If you are like me and have a tax preparation checklist handy to use, planning and preparing your taxes becomes a much easier task and relieves worry.  Our “Tax Preparation” pre-done checklist is available for FREE this week on the Checklist Mom app under the “Managing Money” template. As an additional perk we have also prepared a free downloadable PDF Version for you to make sure you have everything you need handy. Click here to get it now

Read below to find out my five must-haves that I’ll make sure to have checked off my checklist and available for my accountant:

  1. Get the tax preparation checklist to avoid forgeting something important.

    Checklist Mom Tax Preparation

    Identification – It’s important to have your driver’s license, social security ID number, and any additional identification details you might need for the rest of the family. The bottom line is that you will need this to have your identity verified by your tax professional and government authorities.

  2. Copy of previous tax filing documents – Your previous year’s returns will help your accountant make calculations faster and easier. If your accountant has done your taxes in the past, they should have that handy.
  3. Income statements – If you’re employed, you’ll normally receive an income statement (W-2)  from your job. If they forget to give it to you, you’ll need to remind them of it before the deadline. If you’re self-employed you’ll need to bring evidence of income received through the year.  It’s important that you bring a profit and loss statement in the case you have a business.
  4. Expenses and Donations – Certain expenses are deductible or eligible for tax credits.  Bring your mortgage interest statements. In case you, your spouse or your kids are students then bring along your education expenditures and your student loan interests. If you have any of the above expenditures, it’s likely that you might qualify for credits when you file your returns.Your charity and church donations as well as doing things for the greater good can be tax-deductible, therefore, reporting them might certainly lower the amount you’ll be filing.  So bring receipts of these donations.
  5. Dental, medical and optical expenses – High medical expenses are really good deductibles. Make sure to check them off of your checklist as your compile your prescriptions, health insurance and medicals bills to share with your tax professional.

These are only a few of the things that I’m addressing on my checklist, click HERE to download our more comprehensive Checklist Mom “Tax preparation checklist.”  Using a checklist will ensure that you are better prepared to provide your accountant with all the details he or she needs to accurately file your tax documents .

Click Here And Download our Checklist Mom “Tax Preparation Checklist.”

Wishing you the best of luck during tax season and many happy returns!
Marc Paul

Marc Paul - Checklist Mom founder

Marc at 7 years old.

Marc Paul is the CEO and Founder of Checklist Mom. Marc is married to Efua (a child psychologist) and father of Cleo, age 7, and Noah, age 5.  Marc is a technology entrepreneur who is passionate about organization, parenting and creating better tools to enable moms and dads to be the best that they can be so that they and their families can thrive. Marc is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, real estate investor and a technology geek. You can colntact Marc at [email protected]


Disclaimer – Remember that our Checklist Mom blogs and checklists are designed to make you aware of, and to remind you of, options you may have available to you. They are put on this website with the understanding that Next Generation Mobile Inc. (TheChecklistMom.com) is not engaged in rendering legal, medical, tax or financial advice,

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