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5 Beach Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

July 8, 2016



It’s Summertime and that means trips to the beach! In this post we share with you 5 ingenious beach hacks to help you have a super fun, safe, and relaxing beach day!

  1. Photo by Monick Halm 2016

    Photo by Monick Halm 2016

    Put Your iPhone in a Sandwich Bag
    We all want our smart phones with us at the beach, but you don’t want them to get sandy or wet. Putting your iphone in a sandwich bag will protect your phone from the elements, but still allow you to work the touch screen.

  2. Store Your Valuables in a “Used” Diaper

    You want to go off into the ocean, but what do you do with your valuables left on the shore? You can put your money, keys and other valuables in a stealth item no one will thing to touch – a seemingly used diaper! Only the sickest person will try for that. If you don’t have a diaper, you can also use an empty jumbo sized sunscreen bottle or an empty tampon box.

  3. Use Baby Powder to Remove Sand

    You are done with the beach and even though you’ve showered off, sand is still sticking to your feet, legs, hair, or other parts of your body? Here’s a great trick to quickly remove it. Use baby powder. It removes moisture and the sand just comes right off.

  4. Blow Up a Balloon to Unclog Your Ears

    You went into the ocean or pool and have water in your ears? A quick way to get rid of it is to blow up a deflated balloon. If it doesn’t work at first, try plugging up your nose while blowing.

    Photo by Monick Halm 2016

    Photo by Monick Halm 2016

  5. Put Steering Wheel in Upside Down Position When You Park

    Ever come back from a long day of surf and sun to an excruciatingly hot steering wheel? You can avoid burning the skin off your hands by putting the wheel in upside down position when you park. The bottom will get heated, but the top where you place your hands to drive will be cooler.

5 Beach Hacks

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