10.2: Animate an Image – Processing Tutorial


Book: Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

Chapter: 15

Official book website:


This video covers how to draw an image instead of shape for an animation.

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  1. hi, i dont know if anybody will see this comment..
    but I'm new ini Processing & java,
    I have a problem on exported app :
    I cant open the App (Code that has been exported) when there's an image/ loadImage on the code?
    I try to put the jpg/png on the same folder, still a no no..
    please somebody GUIDE me 🙁

  2. void display(){


    my english is not good…
    I want to ask why this step always happens: nullpointerexception. What is the problem. Thank you!

  3. I have difficulty finding a gifAnimation library that would run with P3. Can you please provide a download link? Thanks.

  4. What about a lecture (and coding) about light (reflection, refraction, diffraction, composition) ? Not a challenge, just light physics illustrated. Thank you.

  5. how do u make a photo lets say a pic of your self but u want the photo to load in from top to bottom like as if u found it on the internet and it was loading in slow to visual display the full picture … like if u were loading in a image that was slowly loading top to bottom how would I make this happen my kind sir

  6. Hello,
    Is there a way to say that a function shud Not show up i mean i know how to call it but not how i make it dissapear
    Ps:Really Good explaint Videos 👍🏿😁

  7. If I want to do a slideshow passing some folder images and make a button in which if I click it passes the image, how should I do? can you help me please?


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