5 Essential Items to Thrift for Home Organization

Organizing your home can fun, affordable, and beautiful! Finding deals and items at a discount is exciting especially when you’ve been seeking them out while on a budget.  At a thrift store you never know what you may find or when you will find the perfect item you’ve been hoping for and for a steal of a price. The whole process feels like a treasure hunt and it may take some patience, but when you find the right pieces and for a fraction of the price brand new, it will be hard to stop!

The trick to finding what you are looking for at the thrift store, is to go as often as you can, even if you don’t think you have a lot of time. One day you may not find a thing, but then the next quick peek inside is when you find all of the good stuff. At least that is how it has usually worked out for me!

Here is your checklist of 5 items to look for on your next thrift run, that will surely help you keep a more organized home.


These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and are by far my favorite way to organize items in my home. Baskets add a cozy texture to a space all while hiding clutter in a simple and decorative way.  Try using small baskets for extra produce in the kitchen, a napkin holder, a catch-all for keys and items coming through the door, current book reads, or even for the guest room for extra towels and toiletries. Larger baskets can be used for laundry, cozy throws and blankets, storage for toys and the options are endless. If you want something simple, beautiful and versatile, baskets are going to be a wonderful option for organization!


Canisters are great for organizing kitchen utensils or even tools in a craft room. You can find lidded canisters as well that are perfect for separating easy to grab items that can be displayed and also hide visual clutter. I have thrifted several that work well for my coffee bar and other areas of my kitchen. They are a great option for organization and can be a beautiful decor piece for your space as well.


Crafting supplies, food storage, or beauty and hygiene items in a bathroom, jars can have so many different purposes and are perfect for when you want to be able to see clearly what is stored in them. I have a vintage anchor hocking jar that I keep on my counter for my sourdough starter, and a medium collection of Ball jars that I use for food storage and eventually hope to start using for canning one day! 


Whether it be wooden trays, metal trays, or glass tier trays, they come in all types and sizes and really have a way of bringing little trinkets and random pieces together in an organized and decorative way. I see these at the thrift stores! They can be very purposeful for containing and displaying many items.  I use a wooden tray for my coffee table where most often will be found a candle, books and magazines. I have also thrifted smaller trays for jewelry, to display and serve food while hosting, and for other solo items that I adore but couldn’t quite find a place for. You will be sure to fall in love with finds like these!

Peg Hooks

I am such a sucker for adorable peg hook racks and currently still keeping an eye out for a vintage accordion peg rack when I go thrifting, to add to one of my walls. Pictured here is a beautiful peg shelf that was built by my father-in-law that we have in my son’s room. I see ones like these all of the time at the thrift stores! These peg racks and shelving units are perfect by simply using some wall space you can free up room moving items upwards to the wall.  Whether it be for hanging up jackets and clothes, displaying a coffee mug collection or other beautiful items for decor, a few carefully placed hooks can turn any empty wall into a beautiful way to store and organize special pieces.

Thrifted Treasures

There is something so wonderful about bringing in a thrifted piece to your home and giving it a whole new life and purpose. I hope you can be inspired for your next thrift store stop, and find affordable pieces to help you and your family transform your home in a simple and beautiful way. Happy thrifting!