The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist – Free Printable Download

Spring is such a happy time and brings so many sweet feelings back to memory. It reminds me of the anxious excitement I had and the busy nesting season that came two years ago, as my baby’s due date soon approached.

I can hardly believe that my baby is now a growing boy turning TWO, as his Wild One themed birthday party didn’t even seem that long ago! This toddler stage sure is so much fun and this summer will be filled with so many fun activities to do together! As cliche as it sounds, time is truly a thief once you have kids.

As a first time mom, I remember two years ago doing everything I could to be as prepared as possible for when my baby came. I would sit and research and compare reviews every night, and seek out opinions of other moms that I knew so that I could be as confident as possible in the months following the life and recovery with a newborn. My husband would tease me a little as I sat with my laptop every night over analyzing every detail, and call it first time mom syndrome if you want, but it truly helped immensely for us in saving money, being prepared and for peace of mind.

This list has all of the baby and new mom essentials as it worked to be a perfect guide, and I don’t remember having any stress about anything we had once baby came. I truly felt so prepared. We are so grateful and were so fortunate to have many amazing people who loved on us and helped with almost everything on our registry. It saved us so much money being able to receive what we needed while not having to buy additional items we forgot or had to order in worry or haste. I created our entire registry through Amazon to make it easy and all in one place, and as a Prime Member received further discount options through their registry guide as well.

I hope you can benefit from this baby registry checklist I put together and that it can be helpful to you and your family! Continue reading to visit the underlined links to items we used and how we liked them, or download my FREE checklist right here to use for yourself!

I want to start out with sharing what I believe helped alleviate a lot of my stress in the beginning. I made sure to have an organization plan for all of the items I knew I wanted easy access to and to have a designated place for these incoming items once baby came. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed and if I could be proactive to have one less area of worry in my life than I was going to make that happen.


HOSPITAL BAG CHECKLIST – I will share my checklist in a future post soon!


BINS FOR BABY CLOTHES SIZES – Babies grow so fast. It is helpful to have the next sizes up washed and organized in a bin and ready to go!

BABY MEMORY / KEEPSAKE BIN – It is so nice to have a designated spot for those special items such as the hospital wrist band, first footprints, and other keepsakes.

POSTPARTUM BASKETS FOR BATHROOMS – I found two, three-compartment baskets at a thrift store that sit on the back of the toilet to hold a tissue box and all the other postpartum toiletries so they are easily available when I need them.

3 TIER ROLLING CART FOR DIAPERS/NURSING SUPPLIES – This started as a nursing and diapering cart to be able to wheel around our main floor when I needed it, and is still being used as a diapering cart in his room next to his changing dresser! I got mine at Target and love it.

FILE FOLDER FOR BABY’S HEALTH INFO – Important to have on hand!

FILE FOLDER FOR BREAST PUMP / INSURANCE INFO – This is so helpful for easy access and reference as I had to contact my insurance a few times regarding this.

FILE FOLDER FOR REGISTRY ITEM RECEIPTS AND MANUALS – You never know when you might need these!

FILE FOLDER FOR BABY SHOWER CARDS AND GIFT LISTS – I wanted to remember and thank each person who sent or gifted something to us! I also wanted to keep the cards as keepsakes.

THANK YOU CARDS AND ENVELOPES – I added this to the list as we all know when you need them you usually never have them!


CRIB – We were grateful to be given a used-like-new crib by our friends!

CRIB MATTRESS – We got this Graco Foam Mattress that is clean, breathable, and can be flipped to baby firm side to a softer side for toddler!


FITTED CRIB SHEETS – We used these breathable cotton sheets, and they are so soft!

CRIB STOOL (FOR SHORT MOMS!) – I almost bought this one!

CRIB MOBILE – This woodland forrest mobile we loved!

BASSINET – This AngelBliss Bassinet I was incredibly impressed with, and we used it for months. I loved that it was on wheels and could be smoothly pulled close to the bed or around the house on our wood floors.

BASSINET PAD/SHEETS – I bought this waterproof mattress pad which fit the bassinet perfectly and then these fitted sheets for the pad as I wanted something still firm but comfier for baby and also easy to wash. This was the perfect combo!

ROCKING CHAIR / GLIDER – I kept the rocking chair my mom had since I was born and had it reupholstered, and it is a cherished piece in my son’s room!

CHANGING STATION / DRESSER – My husband found a vintage dresser on Facebook Market Place that we used as a changing table!

CHANGING PAD – This Munchkin Pad was a great affordable option and using the covers and liners, it made it soft and comfortable for diaper changes and also easy to clean up and wash!

CHANGING PAD COVERS – These fit the Munchkin Pad perfectly!

CHANGING PAD LINERS – These worked perfectly and easy to wash!

DIAPER PAIL / TRASH BIN – I just went with a small square trash can and threw out diapers in the garage can if needed.

CLOTHES HAMPER – This one handwoven hamper was beautiful and perfect size!

AREA ROOM RUG – We got a large grey shag rug on sale from Menards!

PORTABLE NIGHTLIGHT – This JollyWell Night Light has multiple dim settings, easy to turn on and portable which helped so much during late night feedings! Definitely a must!

SOUND MACHINE – This portable sound machine was simple and worked for our needs perfectly!

BABY CAMERA AND MONITOR – These have been amazing!

BABY CAMERA WALL MOUNT – You can buy these, but if you have a handy husband a simple small shelf screwed to the wall works great!

BABY HANGERS – No need to spend tons of money on these, I got them super cheap at Walmart.

PHOTO FRAMES – Creating a collage wall or styling the frames on the walls just the way you want them, will have them ready for those first family photos once you order them!

NURSERY DECOR – I will be sharing a post soon of my little guy’s room!

BABY BOOK – I wanted a book that wouldn’t demand a lot of time to fill out, be easy to keep up with and hold the memories and milestones of my boy that I wanted to remember. This was so perfect!!

MILESTONE PROPS – These were beautiful and worked so well for the little photo shoots I did with my little guy.


GOING HOME OUTFITS – I had three labeled zip lock bags of baby outfit options for this, including two newborn sizes and a 0-3 month size pre packed for a while to be prepared.

MONOGRAMMED HAT – I bought one on Etsy!

HAND MIT COVERS – I found a package of cotton mitts at our local TJMax.

SWADDLES – There are so many swaddle options out there but these are the option I chose in addition to blanket swaddles. They worked well until eventually the velcro would wake him up too much during those middle of the night diaper changes.

SWADDLE BLANKETS – I used these to swaddle him and also as a stroller and carseat cover! They are super versatile.

SLEEPSACKS – I bought a variety of different sleepsacks and TOG sizes but made sure they all had the two way zipper for easy diaper changes.

SLEEPERS – My boy LIVED in these tie sleepers! They were so cute and no hassle after changes.







DROOL BIBS – These bandana style bibs worked great and are adorable with every outfit!



BABY PURE CASTILE SOAP – I love that this is made with pure plant based ingredients and is a good cleaner option for little ones!


BABY LOTION – This fragrance free baby Eucerin has worked great!

BABY BATH SUPPORT / TUB – This worked amazing and also fit in our one tub kitchen sink!

INFANT FOAM BATH PAD/MAT – This was a great option for extra comfort, and our boy loved it.

FAUCET COVER – This dino cover has been great.

BATH RINSE CUP – This is a soft option so no head bonks!

BABY BATH BRUSH – These work great for cradle cap too!

COMB AND HAIRBRUSH – This safety first set gets the job done.

TUB TOYS – Be sure to plug any tub toy holes with a hot glue gun to prevent mold.

TUB TOY STORAGE – This toy tub caddy has worked super well.

BABY NAIL FILE – If you haven’t seen this gentle nail trimmer you definitely need to get this! I have even used it during his sleep and he won’t even wake, it is that gentle and works very well.


Baby Gear

INFANT CAR SEAT – This Graco Snugfit Carseat was a beautiful design and we had no complaints with it whatsoever!

INFANT CAR SEAT BASES – One per vehicle!


CAR SEAT COVER – This worked perfectly through the summer months!

WINDOW SUN SHIELDS – We received these, but they fall off every so often if the door is slammed too hard. I am not sure if I need to figure out how to adhere them on better or maybe find an upgrade.

STROLLER – This NimbleLite light weight Stroller is so light weight and has held up amazingly well!

JOGGER – This Graco Fast Action jogger has held up wonderfully and we love it!

PORTABLE CLIP ON FAN – We loved this one!!

BABY CARRIER – This worked well for a while, though I ended up loving my babywrap even more!

BABY WRAP / SLING – Here is the link to the one I loved and used!

BABY SWING – We were given a used-like-new Graco swing that was wonderful and sometimes it was the only thing that would help calm our son during the colic.

BABY BOUNCER – This Fisher Price Bouncer we loved!

PACK’N PLAY – I bought one on sale through Walmart but it can be tricky to set up and take down, though overall it has worked just fine. I would have gotten a one-click Graco PACK’N Play if I were to do it again just for the sake of set up and tear down!

DIAPER BAGWe received this diaper bag that worked wonderfully for the first year, but then I upgraded to this more stylish leather diaper bag and get so many compliments on it! It still works well as a larger purse for travel!

TRAVEL CHANGING PAD – Both my diaper bags came with a travel fold up changing pad and the first one we received I still use and the mat has wipe and diaper compartments too.


LOVIES – This deer lovey was one of his first gifts before he was born and still is one of his favorites to sleep with at night.

PLAYMAT – We used our baby gym mat and also a heavy quilt!

ACTIVITY BABY GYM – This Safari play gym and mat was his favorite!

SENSORY PLAY OPTIONS – This toy was a favorite of his!

DEVELOPMENTAL LEARNING TOYS – This Fisher Price Fish Bowl always caught his attention and kept him engaged!

VISUAL FLASH CARDS – My son loved looking at these!!

BOOKS – Even as an infant, it is so important and good for their development to read to together!

RATTLES – This wooden rattle was his favorite!

TEETHERS – These teethers he used most often!

CLIP-ON CAR SEAT TOYS – Mortimer the Moose was the best!

PACIFIERS – I bought a variety as my son didn’t take to them right away, but eventually these became his favorites!


POSTPARTUM UNDERWEAR – These high waist panties were the best and I even ordered more that first year!

POSTPARTUM PADS – These are the best, just trust me.


BELLY COMPRESSION BINDER – I was given this binder that worked so well and was so comfy!

BATHROBE – I bought this robe for the hospital and then practically lived in it after for those first summer months!

PERI BOTTLE – This is what you need!

HEALING SPRAY – I was recommended this Herbal Spray by so many moms I know and it truly is a necessity after a vaginal birth.

BODY LOTION – I used a combination of Organic Coconut Oil and this lotion from Amazon that I used morning and night through pregnancy and also postpartum and never got (or noticed) a single stretch mark!

MATTRESS PROTECTOR FOR NIGHT SWEATS – After birth your body is ridding itself of all the water weight and this can also come as night sweats! I am glad we had this mattress protector.


FORMULA OPTIONS – I had been sent a few free samples in the mail that I kept on hand just in case.

BOTTLES – I originally received Tommee Tippee Bottles but found out that they leaked a bit for me and so I bought the Advent Natural Bottles instead and have absolutely loved them!

BOTTLE NIPPLES IN VARIOUS FLOW SIZES – The Natural Response Nipples worked SO well and helped alleviate a lot of concern in this area for me. With the right flow sizes for his age it was comfortable for him to use pretty much right away, and didn’t effect nursing either.


BOTTLE DRYING RACK – I loved this rack as it was easy to disassemble and to clean and travel with!


BOTTLE AND NIPPLE CLEANING BRUSH – These Munchkin brushes worked perfectly to get into the hard to reach nooks.

BREAST PUMP – I absolutely loved my SpectraS2 that I got through my insurance. It was very user friendly.

BREAST PUMP ACCESSORIES – I bought extra parts and sizes by the brand, MayMom that were compatible with my Spectra and they fit and worked perfectly!

PUMP PARTS STORAGE AND TRAVEL BAGS – I used ziplock bags for parts and I bought wet bags that worked for travel and storing pump parts in the fridge over lunch at work.

BREAST MILK STORAGE BAGS – I never had an issue with these Lansinoh bags!

TRAVEL PUMP STORAGE BAG This travel pump bag I bought at Target, but I am not sure it is available there anymore. I will link the video I found of it. This bag is truly the absolute perfect pump bag in my opinion. It is beautiful and stylish with so much room and held up wonderfully!

STERILIZER / STERILIZING BAGS – I never used these but had these on hand if we were gone or traveling!

TRAVEL CLEANING WIPESI used these Medela Wipes when I was on the go!

MANUAL HAND PUMPI kept this Lansinoh hand pump on hand for on the go and in the vehicle for moments I needed it! It was very easy and simple to use.

HAKKA HAND PUMP – This was a life saver for me!! This helped with milk production, clogged ducts, and catching fast let downs before baby latches.

BURP CLOTHS – My mother-in-law made me many wonderful burp cloths but I also really loved these soft muslin burp cloths!

HIGH CHAIR – We bought a vintage wooden highchair off Facebook Marketplace that has worked amazingly well as it is also super easy to clean!

PORTABLE HIGHCHAIRThis portable chair is perfect for travel! We have loved it, and also for when guests and their kids come over as an extra.

COUNTER CADDY CHAIR – This Chicco Caddy Countertop Chair we used all of the time!! It is also great for travel and for at restaurant tables.

BIBSThese Moonkie Bibs work great to catch food! I also bought fabric bibs because at first my son would only wear those as they were softer.

WASH CLOTHSThese are perfect size. Get lots of these!

BABY EATING WAREHere is what we used for the first infant stage feeding!

TRAVEL TRAYS AND COVERS – These WeeSprout Suction Sets worked well for us.

FOOD PROCESSOR – I used our Hamilton Beach Blender and Food Processor to make baby food

BABY FOOD FREEZE TRAYS – I simply used ice cube trays to freeze homemade baby food and then store the cubes in labeled freezer safe ziplock bags!

FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERSHere is a great option that I almost bought! I used glassware we already had.


NURSING BRAS – My favorites were from the Kindred Bravely Brand!

NURSING PADS – These worked wonderful and were so soft!

NURSING COVER – I used this one! Though, the baby swaddle blankets were versatile and I ended up using those a lot too.

NIPPLE SHIELDS – I bought these just so I had something in case I needed them but if I did need them long term I would have asked a lactation consultant to be sure they were the right fit.

NIPPLE CREAM – Organic Coconut Oil works wonders!

NIPPLE HEALING COVERS – I am SO GRATEFUL I bought these silver nursing cups and had these for when I needed them. These have healing properties that quite literally saved me through a difficult time until it got better.

HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA – I loved both my Kindred Bravely bra for this and also this other strap on option for quick pumping sessions!

NURSING PILLOW I loved my Bobby pillow and of course don’t forget the washable covers to go with it!

NURSING 3 TIER ROLLING CART – This rolling cart is a must! I got mine from Target and couldn’t be happier. It first started out as a nursing and diapering station and is still being used as a diaper station next to my son’s diaper change dresser today.

SNACKS – I wasn’t prepared for the intense hunger I would have constantly as a nursing mom. Finding healthy and easy snacks to keep on hand is crucial especially for milk supply and be sure to keep them where you know you will need them!

WATER BOTTLE – I never got on board with the Stanley cups and I am so glad I didn’t. These Simply Modern Tumblers work amazing, easy to clean, and seriously leakproof! This was my best friend during my nursing journey, and with the amount of times I knocked it over with no spills, made me thankful for it even more! I have used this everyday since I got it. You need this one, trust me.

Diaper Changing

DIAPERS – We found that Pampers were our favorite!

DIAPER RASH CREAM – This option worked amazing and we were surprised at how quick this helped clear up diaper rash.

DIAPER RASH OINTMENT – This Aquaphor ointment works wonders!!

WIPES – We use Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes, Unscented and Hypoallergenic.

CHANGING PAD LINERS – These quilted pad liners worked well for comfort and cleanup.

PORTABLE DIAPER CADDY – I ended up just using a small trash can and walking the diapers out to our garage if needed, but there are lots of options for these!


Safety and Health



CABINET LOCKS – These options are invisible from the outside and our son hasn’t figured them out yet!

BABY GATES – We found a great affordable option off of Facebook Marketplace for our step down dining room, but be sure to use the right type of gate and fastening for each location of your home.


BABY THERMOMETER – Perfect for the whole family!

HUMIDIFIER – This is a sleek and neutral option that is affordable and works wonderful!

NASAL ASPIRATOR – The BabyFrida is a necessity!!


And my God will supply every need of yours 
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

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