90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed


90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

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Bob and Brad demonstrate one position in bed that may decrease sciatica or piriformis pain. You may want to use a pillow under your chest and/or under the painful leg. This position should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain, you should discontinue.

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  1. Lol I wonder if these guys live in Wisconsin or Michigan. "That's a good aaption Baab!" "Gotcha!" "You betcha Baab!"

  2. I now only have pain, numbness, burning & aching on the top of my foot & my big toe, plus I can not lift my foot or toes towards me.

  3. Im not diagnosed but i feel all the description of this syndrome. There is a sharp pain deep in my right butt check and it get worst when i cross my legs or lying down on my left side. Im currently pregnant and was recommended to lay on my left side and this tortures my right butt down to my legs.. do you have exercises safe for pregnant? Thanks

  4. Thank you men! Herniated disk you feel the press up is the best exercise for it? I don't have pain down the leg but shocks of pain if I move in certain ways. Thank you love your vidoes

  5. Does the camber in the side of the road make it worse especially with one leg longer it shortens the piriformis so much

  6. Thank you for this advice! Please know that I love you, I have been enduring pain, pain and more pain for years.. this works. Bless you! THANK YOU!

  7. I truly appreciate your teaching us about Positional Release Technique so that we can get relief from our pain. It is a technique that is not spoken about very much and I appreciate that you present this on your Channel!

  8. Hey you two good looking guys , I love that you get right to the point and the.best part its FREE ! Many blessings to you both .

  9. Guys! The new set! No good! Go back to the old set. Also your sounds is not as good. 💓 ( still love you).

  10. I watch lots of your videos and I have a herniated disc, when try doing McKenzie"s it hurts down my leg but my MRI says I have stenosis caused by my herniated disc, please do a video that I can help with both issues as all I can see is that they are opposite exercises.

  11. Instant heel pain relief – i take it that means it's the Piriformis. Is there anything else i can do to relax or lengthen it?

  12. Over a year now after a traumatic back injury the prevented me from walking for a month/100 feet without severe sciatic nerve pain.
    No surgery
    No pain meds
    Walk 10,000 steps a day.
    No heavy lifting
    Turmeric every day
    Positive Attitude
    I feel 85% better,yes I still have minor lower back pain and some tingling in my leg.
    BUT nothing that would require surgery or poping pain meds.

  13. Thanks, guys. Is it ok to have a tiny crush on Brad? I’m petite, and like shorter men. Plus, you guys are a riot!!!!

  14. Condition of the sciatic nerve passing through or being attached to the piriformis can be confirmed, upon autopsy. See a good Therapist and ask for an excruciating pain/pleasure deep muscle massage before then. Mine used a broom handle. ( no – not for hemorrhoids )

  15. Great info , but they are bloody awful to listen to..!! Their videos are badly shot, they mumble away to each other… Come on Guys, try to improve your video delivery!!

  16. In 2013 I was rear ended at high speed while driving my Ford Ranger. At the moment of impact, I had a distinct pain in my lower left back. Turns out the seat no longer adjusts. Through the two of you I figured out it was a Piriformis injury. Today’s video indicated i probably had a tear that possibly healed. The only way to get relief has been stretching exercises. Have never tried relaxation position. I am 80 years old with a strong PT home program. Right now I am staying in quarantine so I cannot see my physical therapist. Years of injuries, falls, overuse of the body using poor techniques has taken its toll but all the stretching keeps me mobile.


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