Advanced Blender Tutorial: Raw Game Model to Animation/Render


Video Index:
Introduction: 0:00
Importing a Model: 0:55
Basic Model Correction: 2:21
Materials: 3:51
Lighting: 10:24
Materials Cont.: 11:20
More Model Correction: 14:13
Fixing the Armature: 16:13
IKs: 20:19
Camera Angle & Posing: 27:23
Modifying the eye UVs: 37:19
Rendering: 38:53
Final Image: 45:53

This video was a bit long, but it goes through the entire process of essentially “porting” a game model to be used as an animation asset in Blender. There’s a lot that I didn’t cover but blew through, so I’ll be making some more simple tutorials in the future to solidify basic concepts. Thank you for watching!

The bar at the top was supposed to be clickable, but I forgot that YouTube had removed annotations.


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  1. Please help 🙁
    -The face has like outlines of the Eye and Mouth when rendered close up you can really see it. Its like a gap you can see through almost. You don't add Subdivision Surface modifiers to the eyes or mouth and it looks fine..
    -Also the purple colored belly has a line down the middle with two shades of purple, until I connect the Image Texture "body_nrm.png" Normal Map node to Clearcoat Normal or Tangent. But you have it connected to Normal and it looks fine..

  2. Hi, I'm Julian from Argentina, I'm trying to make a game in unity. I have a question. I want to make an animation of a character in blender where objects appear and disappear. for example: when you jump, wings appear and when that animation ends, the wings disappear. Thanks a lot!

  3. 8:15 In Blender 2.8, the Principled Shader has both an alpha and an emission input, so using the Mix Shader method isn't as necessary as it was in 2.79.

  4. Hi, thanks for the tuts! it's very useful
    but i have a question, on my model once i applied normal map to my model it became dark
    how can i fix this? thanks!

  5. I don’t know what I was searching for exactly about blender, but I learned stuff that I didn’t know I need to learn. Thanks

  6. Trying myself for kicks, having some trouble getting eyeball to show through eyelid layer. alpha channel to factor on mix shader before material output, no change. Any ideas why this would be?

  7. 2 Things:

    When I imported a Sonic model (Sonic Unleashed for the Wii to be specific) I can't join the different mesh's together without forcing one or multiple parts to lose color. I know it's apart of that material limit thing I've heard about, and I've tried ways to fix it but nothing it working. Help?

    Also I tried posing Sonic's head but his eyes and nose are static in place. And don't follow the head. I tried parenting and joining but nothing is working. Help?

  8. Would be nice if you could make that file available for download, if that your own ofcourse. First of all… Vry brave of you to crank all info into one tut.. That is almost an impossible job to do. I think you did really well!

  9. OK! I finally managed to get my model nice and beautiful but I want to save it to always have it like this for a lot of different animation and I cannot find the right export file to, yk, keep the model either the bones are gone or the textures went missing. I want to fix MANY models and I can't do this process over and over again. If you have any tips on keeping the model with all the modification to put it in other settings could be wonderful and a lifesaver!!

  10. I tried this with a couple of Super Mario 3D World models but they´re all in .dae and just doesn´t have nodes and I'm basicaly stuck. Can you please help?

  11. Hello guess this app you learn
    All blender modelling download link here

  12. You should make a discord server for people who like to use blender for VG models like me and many other people I have met on discord.


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