Anime Style Toon Shading Tutorial in Octane Render Engine for 3DS Max


This is my first test and review of the Octane Render engine Toon shader for 3DS Max. This is a cool addition and great for rendering toon style scenes. I will share more insight as I create more anime-style toon shots.

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  1. Awesome vids!! You deserve more subscribers. I think you should search for smzeus . c o m!!! Loads of YouTube channels use the site to promote their videos!!!

  2. Solomon, thank you for this tutorial. and SUPER-THANKS for the last note of your video – that you'll do some more tutorials for Octane on 3DS MAX.
    I think Octane is THE most missed gem for 3ds max users and I think the reason is the lack of good tutorials and means to learn it (unlike octane for C4D or other rendering engines for max that are bombarding with tuts) so again, Thank you! looking forward.


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