Best Slap Contest Knockouts Compilation 2020 final fights


Amazing Slap contest Knockouts Compilation 2020 from Russia.
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Лучший сборник матчей чемпионата мира по нокауту 2019 года.
Really big muscle men slaps, punches, and smacks to face. The intention of this video is to show how insane people can be!
Slap contest Knock-outs Compilation 2019 from Russia:


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  1. As a brit, this just seems like absolute insanity. I love it, but it's insane Hahaha, my head hurts a little from just watching these clips

  2. Great match buddy! I'll see you at the office tomorrow NASA wants those specs first thing okay, hey have a goodnight my man. Oh I know my face is sore too hahaha hey you did good. I'm going to the library now I cant go to the bar sorry

  3. funny how most of the comments speak about vodka. dont you know anything else about russia? most of you dont even know where to find it on a map


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