Billie Eilish “When the Party’s Over” Live on the Howard Stern Show


Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish said it’s hard enough hitting the two octaves in her song “When the Party’s Over,” let alone doing it as early as she did live on the Stern Show.

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  1. Esta chica te deja un suspiro en el pecho al final de cada canción, que es una mezcla entre melancolía, tranquilidad y amor, de lo que transmite en cada tema, ya sea suyo o versionado. Es increíble el talento que tiene.

  2. The is this one thing a lot of ppl hate about her including me. We think she's fake, screaming for attention, crying about small things, feeling like she's super cool, acting like she's not sexy, when she has to know she is… etc. pp.
    Well maybe this is only in our heads. She's just a human like i am. I put too much misintepretation into her, since she remembers me of lots of missed loves and even myself. I know havvin that crazy view, when im all alone in my room. I know that "held your head diagonally with half opened mouse, empty view" – position. My mistake is to believe, that I'm the only one feeling that madness sometimes. But fuck that, i remember me feeling that way with 13. Now i laugh about other 13 year olds, cause i say they drama-queens. I was a crazyfucked up drama-queen bymyself then, and tbh im the same as i was 15 years ago. Only difference is, that i take power out of it, and i started accepting it. I can show that face now to close friends, instead of my love-partner only.
    And it's important to start learning this. I have some had struggle beeing single, since long time i felt like could only show my darkness to my woman. After i got single i ate all my pain instead of going to my friends. Its like a wall forbidding me to show the darkness. You probably know that feeling of beeing fucked up. You feel kinda crazy with a twisted sense of relieve and lonelyness. The hybris tells you that you are strong and in the need to hold that pain for yourself, so your friends dont worry, and you can help then. In an unhealthy way i push myself in the role of a victim, and then stay proud because i whitstand that pain. Pushing myself ultimately in the role of a martyr. When the pain gets too big every now and then, of course my friends gotta pays for it.
    In fact i judge them for not reading my mind….
    Last week i ultimately look for help, with support of my friends. They dont let me fall, and i am really glad for it. Had my first psychology meeting, and the list goes on. I can see an amazing future now, for the first time since months, almost years.
    When i look about my thaughts on Billie the last year i made a big journey too. Discovered her from new girfriend and i liked the "smooke weed and fuck it i'm chillin"- vibe she had. Instantly disliked her thinking that she's the bad guy, but you know that's an ego thing. If I'd met her personally, i guess we'd throw the ball to each other now and then.
    After my girl broke up in a fucked up way, few days later i heard some stories about Billie, trying to be as cool as possible in Media etc, but beeing like a quiet girl in real life.
    This + my ex girl showing me her, instantly turned on the hate mode. I really dislike ppl who act like super tough, while they are whiny kids. For me acting tough is like being honest about your good and your bad parts, and not trying to play some role.
    So looong time disliking billie and thrash talk her with friends. Couldnt stop listening to one or 2 tracks every 2 months tough. I really liked her sound – and the conflict was making me mad.
    Anways few months ago, a friend on FB would post "i got everything i wanted", which at first i kinda disliked seeing in my FB. However i knew that kind off from the "psychedelic"-scene. You know we're on of those guys takin LSD, Mushrooms and other halluzinogenic stuff.
    To explain this for non-psychedelic users ; Takin' LSD or other psychedelics can get you into some state of beein connected to like everything, especially to the humans and the nature arround you. You gotta learn about the most simple essence of Love and respect for each other and of everything.
    So as i saw that guys LOVING that song from Billie, which he titled with "melancholy", i had to give it another chance. I tried dropping all those thaughts i had about that Girl and turned into the song.
    Ever since then i could go freely into every Billie-Track, but i still had those "cmon Billie, stop overacting"- moments.
    The reason i stared this very long comment is ; Those moments are gone now too.
    Fuck it – LIVE every Tone, Every Bass, Every Emotion, be powerfull hit it all out. Dont LET anyone tell you, that you're fakin', actin' or shit like that. Have fun. Fight your fears. Hug your Wishs.
    If anyone think any Song from her was deep? PERFECT ! Take that deepness. If others didn't felt, no problem, they feeel it on songs from the artists they like. Deepness evolves in your brain.
    From now on, i will just watch her as "variety", her Videos as "shortstorys", and her songs from the "lyrical I", as it should be.
    Since most of us will never know any musicians personally, they have to remain actors and artists for us.
    So finally +1 Billie Eilish Fan and remember I am a man
    Most grown up who laughs about "this verse hit deep" – comments, forgot they had their "this is deep"-moment listening to "Good Charlotte", "Simple Plan" and "Blink 182".
    I still love those Bands, but let me get you some quotes "i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare" , "hey dad look at me , think back and talk to me, did i grow up accorind to plan?"
    "I've tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it".
    Man kann natürlich auch sagen das einem das alles zu "schwul" ist, dann geht man halt zurück zu klassikern wie "black and yellow back and yellow back and yellow back and yellow".
    70% Der Menschen heutzutage sind mit 5-10 verschiedenen Wörtern und Melodie irgendwie sehr zu frieden.
    Ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr gespannt ob Billie sich in der Branche festigen wird. Wäre sehr interessant zu sehen, ob sie zu den 27igern springt, schon vorher ihre Karriere beendet, oder in Zehn Jahren auf eine umfassende Verwandlung zurückblicken kann. Vllt war ich auch immer nur neidisch das ich sie nicht privat kennen lernen durfte wer weiß 😉


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