Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating a Cartoon Render Using the Cel Shader


In this tutorial, we will dive deep into the Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon Cel Shader and learn how you can create different cartoon render styles and use some simple XPresso to speed up your workflow!

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Grainy Cel Shader & Light Shadows Tutorial –

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Creating a Cartoon Render Topics Include:
• Using the Luminance Channel to create flat shading
• Applying Cel Shader
• Linking Different Cel Shaders via XPresso
• Changing the Cel Shader Gradient for different cartoon styles
• Using Multiple Lights to Control Specular highlights
• Adding Grain Looks to Cel Shading via Noise
• Using Jiggle Deformer to add bouncing movement to hair
• Adding Particle Forces to add movement to hair

If you have any questions about the Sketch and Toon Cel Shader in Cinema 4D, post them in the comments section! If you create any cool cartoon animations using any techniques in this tutorial, be sure to share it with me!

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  1. Your tutorials are so informative. I always get an in-depth knowledge of everything. Thanks a lot for putting this much effort to teach us.

  2. It's possible to have those sweet cel shadows but also apply an UV texture that i had already create with lose details? BTW Your tutorials rocks!

  3. Hi,
    I am having problem with sketch and toon.
    Need to create some pipes going from wall to underground. I need to make the ground transparent at a point of time. But the display tag doesn't effect when in Sketch and toon. please advise. thanks in advance

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  5. hey EJ! how did you model this little dude's hair? and what if you need to wrap the hair around the head(like real hair does)? what would you do?
    by the way, thank you for much for the subdivision tutorial. You saved my C4D life ;p

  6. hi ej u r superb can you teach me cloth just like this in cinema 4d

  7. Awesome tutorial man, only question I have is that I cant see the changes of the toon shading in real time like in your video, I have to render to be able to see any differences in the shading. I'm wondering why that is.

  8. Hi EJ, Great tutorial as always! Is there any way to get the bump noise on the specular light?
    I hope that Blink doesn't have much hangover 😉

  9. So many thanks for this incredible tutorial @eyedesyn ! I managed experiment with different colours for the shadows and was able to achieve a different look that I quite like it 🙂 here it is:
    If you ever come to Brazil, there is a beer with your name on it! 🙂

  10. im sooo beyond in love with your tutorials <3 <3 Its a shame that Im a maya user D: I need to learn some Cinema

  11. Dude Is great to know you experiment lots of hours with cell shading….I did some similar to… you will see my stuff here

  12. thanks for your great tutorial. how can I cancel the texture connection created by xpression – set drivor & set driven?

  13. hey ej i need some help about rendering. but It's hard to explain it by words, how can i send you screenshots about my problem? basically after i render my work, the reflection glossy look is gone ; this is my first time using c4d so i don't really know how to explain it 🙁

  14. was wondering is there anyway to stop the hair going through the body? iv tried using rigged bodies and stuff but NOOOOO it exploded haha!

  15. Hi Ej,
    As always, great stuff explained in the most simplest way.. just love the way you explain the possibilities instead of just showing how to make a particular look or effect.

    May i Request you to upload the your NAB 2017 Presentations?

  16. Great tutorial once again! Also, If you turn off Anti-Aliasing in the render settings you can get a cool pixel art look.

  17. I forgot about the selection object tool. That will save me a ton of time one day.

    I love the set driver/driven move but I wish it were less sloppy (xpresso nodules hiding behind each other and creating new nulls each time)


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