Creality Ender 3 Review (Thoughts from a D&D DM)


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We’ve been printing minis and terrain non-stop since we got the Creality Ender 3 more than two months ago. Does it still live up to all the hype? And is it the best budget printer to print terrain and miniatures? Let’s find out!

My First Thoughts Video –

Maker’s Muse Creality Ender 3 Review –
CHEP Underextrusion Fix –
Nerys Ender 3 Fixes –


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Anycubic Photon

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  1. Hey everyone! 👍 We JUST launched a new Kickstarter! If you liked this video & want to support the channel check it out:

  2. I got a jg maker magic it's like a clone of the ender 3 it's not bad just slow ASF a 9hr print of d&d coins takes 18hr 2min 5sec I hate it's speed but it's good except the face of 30mm mini come out like Slendermans face

  3. Ender 3 is Really good for the Price 200$ but still prefer the Prusa I3 MK3s 3D kit if you have 860$ and 10 Hours to build it yourself… it's a time saver once built

  4. I am just curious, would you recommend the CR 10s V2 or the Ender 3 if you had to chose. I plan on making a bunch of 3d prints with the same scale as Nolzur's minis. I am thinking of printing anything between large dragons to regular "human" sized figures in this scale.

  5. Great review/discussion. My question is what 3D printer would be the next step up that would have more refined features that the Ender 3 has problems with and still have quality prints?

  6. I'm disappointed I wanted to buy this printer to have some fun but I see that you have more trouble with those printers than fun……

  7. One thing I think people should keep in mind is that while this is a 200 USD printer, you could easily spend another 50-100 USD on parts to get it running near perfectly. Things like nozzles, bed springs, wheels, bowden couplers and tube, print bed, bltouch and so on.

  8. Hey bud so i am getting in to 3d level printing is this user friendly do u suggest i buy this printer and if you do please reply where i can buy this at….

  9. Hello!
    First of all, great video and awersome job with your minis!
    Second, can you share where you got your mini's files? Are they free or did you buy them? I'm willing to pay for them if that's what it takes. I'm a D&D DM too.
    Thank you!

  10. Hello there! Amazing review and other videos you have!
    I can see there are a few variants in the aliexpress link you provided for the Ender 3 printer. May I know which one you got and what do you recommend for a beginner? I have no idea what the differences are… Thanks so much! :p

  11. Hey! Great review! Have you anyidea why I get this error when I try to import Cura settings: "The machine defined in profile E:/Dokumenti/_3D PRINTING/Cura Settings/3DPT-CR10-Ender-3-DragonsLarge-Minis-PLA-Base-1.2.curaprofile (fdmprinter) doesn't match with your current machine (creality_base), could not import it."

  12. Hey Danny! This video led me down a K hole and sold me on both the printer and the hobby. Thanks man! Keep up the great work

  13. Hey, great video! Amazon offers a pro to come and setup the printer for 100$. Would you recommend this for a first timer? Would this solve most of the issues you laid out in the video?

  14. Have they turned on the firmware from the factory since the video has been posted? Awesome Video! thank you!

  15. am using headphones. instantly disliked for alarm buzzer noise. just… dont use that noise please. good video tho.

  16. So I just purchased an Ender 5 and was planning on putting this in my garage. problem is, I am worried about the temperature. I live in the northwest us so winters are about 30-50 degrees F. would this cause me any issues printing? I am new to printer this is my first printer.

  17. Every week there are new discoveries and upgrades. A review 6 months ago only shows where this thing started. Now, with a little research, you can head off most if not all your problems before you get your machine. But, you may have to invest a little more money in the upgraded parts.

  18. The printer is good.

    Some of the stuff available to print is a waste of filament.

    Its much faster to print a texture roller to imprint stone textures in pink builder's foam than to print walls, floors and most other flat stuff.

    Note that high quality printing of miniatures can be 2 hours per figure.

    Don't raft… spray with hairspray (Aquanet extreme hold). Clean occasionally with alcohol because it builds up. When it cools, the prints essentially fall off.
    Rafts can more than double the amount of filament needed and thus more than double the print time.

  19. this is the first time I have ever seen a video by this guy. Is it just me, or does his 10-year-old voice not match his appearance? (no offence intended)

  20. It would be nice to have a community that's not on FB. It's banned in China, but even ignoring that, the company is one of the sleaziest of the social media companies.

  21. I'll be getting this printer soon. My first printer. Your videos have helped me a lot to make this desicion, and I know they'll help me to get the best from the printer. Thanks!!!

  22. Thanks for the review. Now, while this is an amazing printer for the price – would you buy something different for gaming support for say, $400? Is the cr10 better print quality? Another printer?

  23. I really like how honest you are with the pros and cons. I bought a Tronxy x1 some time ago and no one told me that it was going to be such a pain to get it working (I'm still trying). Thank for the video, very nice 😀

  24. The Ender 3 is an absolute nightmare. Good luck to anyone that gets one. You’ll be problem solvng 90% of the time.

  25. Have you done any mods to this printer and could you make a video (if you havent already) on what settings you are using?

  26. +3D Printed Tabletop
    Hi !
    Could you please tell us how you fixed your under extrusion issue ?
    Sorry if you answered that already…

  27. Thanks for your Videos! Im about to buy the ender 3 or geeetech a 10. Which one got the better printing quality resaults?

  28. Great review, absolutely love it! I've had issues with my £600 printer so I can imagine a $200 printer naturally has to cut corners somewhere to hit that price point. Most likely the corners cut are in quality control, increasing the speed of production. Really enjoyed the video 🙂

  29. Great video…but i just ordered an ender 3. The preassembled main frame was wobbly…that is to say the four corners would not lay flat on the table. I expected some issues and do not mind assembling stuff. . But that is a huge oversight in quality even for a $200 printer. I have tried the recommended fix for this by loosening the frame on a flat surface. Ive got to say buyer beware on any creality stuff. Bear in mind the assemblies to which im referring come preasemebled from creality.

  30. Hey great video! I got mine Ender 3 , but I was wondering if the top plate on the bed plate is surpose to be loose? it is not attached to bed plate and is sliding around without the paper clips comming with the printer. Is this intentionally or I'am doing something wrong?


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