DANGANRONPA 2 Goodbye Despair Walkthrough 16 – Chapter 2 Part 2 – World Ender!


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Welcome to my BLIND DANGANRONPA 2 Goodbye Despair Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA) Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough / Gameplay on my modded PS VITA for direct high quality capture. Rendered in 1080P for stunning gameplay footage and high quality sound.

I have already done a complete walkthrough of DANGANRONPA Trigger Happy Havoc (Link to Playlist at the top of the video description)

Game Information;
Game Name: Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair, スーパーダンガンロンパ2 さよなら絶望学園 (Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubō Gakuen)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publisher : JP Spike Chunsoft, EU / NA NIS America
Genre: Adventure, visual novel
Platform: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita

Similar to the previous game, Danganronpa 2 features two main styles of gameplay; School Life, which is split into Daily Life and Deadly Life sections, and the Class Trial. In the Daily Life section, players interact with other characters and progress through the plot. Conversing with characters during ‘Free Time’ sections earns Hope Shards, which can be exchanged for skills that can be used in the school trial. Players can also search for Monokuma Figures which earn Monokuma Medals that can exchanged for gifts to give other characters during Free Time segments. The Deadly Life section, which occurs when a crime scene is discovered, has the player search for evidence that will assist them in the Class Trial.

The Class Trial, in which players must determine the identity of a culprit (Blackened), features the same aspects as the previous game, but with new gameplay elements. The Nonstop Debate, in which players look for contradictions in the students’ discussion and shoot relevant weak points with “Truth Bullets” that contradict them, now includes blue-colored weak points which must be shot with evidence that indicates someone is speaking the truth. Hangman’s Gambit now requires players to combine matching letters coming in from both sides of the screen before they collide into incorrect matches. Combined letters may then either be destroyed, or used to spell out the clue. Bullet Time Battle, now known as Panic Talk Action, is mostly unchanged from the previous game, in which players press buttons in time to the music to shoot down arguments, albeit players must now spell out a phrase in the correct order at the end. Finally, the Closing Argument, in which players fill out a comic strip depicting the events of a crime, is adjusted so that players fill out each page at a time using available stock, as opposed to having access to all the pages and pieces.

Various new gameplay elements have been added to the Class Trial. Rebuttal Showdowns take place when a student attempts to refute the player’s logic. In these sections, players must slash apart their opponent’s argument to gain dominance in the conversation and reveal new information, before using a “Truth Sword” to strike through the correct weak point when it appears. Logical Dive is a snowboarding minigame, in which players steer down a logical tube whilst avoiding pitfalls, occasionally requiring to choose between multiple routes based on a question given, in order to arrive at a logical conclusion. Finally, Spot Select requires players to examine an image and indicate an important spot.

Video Features;
Chapter 2 “Sea And Punishment, Sin And Coconuts” Part 2
Daily Life
Free Time with Gundham Tanaka

Outro music used in this video is Royalty FREE music, provided by Youtube from the Audio Library.
Song Name – It’s All Happening
Duration – 2:05
Artist – Huma-Huma
Category – Alternative & Punk / Bright

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