Ender's Game Animated Trailer


My English Teacher gave us an assignment to make “A book trailer”, that is to say “make a slideshow with pictures copied off of the interwebz”. Needless to say, I disliked this, and asked If I could do an animation. She said yes.

I decided to chose Ender’s Game, because of the amazing story, plus, a real movie is coming out soon… can’t wait!

I spent 33 hours on this assignment, while most kids did 1. o.O

I used Anime Studio 8 [anime.smithmicro.com] Audacity, and Vegas Movie Studio.

I got the amazing music from machinimasound.com, many thanks to them. The music (as far I as I know) is available to be used in projects such as these, as long as a link is attached. (As it is)

There are MANY messups, but after 33 hours I’m just… done. This is the “raw” film.

The voices are absolutely horrible, reason being I did the recording at the last minute.

I hope you enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed making it.

If for some reason you guys want a “better” version – HD, rendering glitches, stuff like that, be sure to msg me. I’ll be happy to finish the project up once and for all.

Note: Yes, I know there’s a huge problem with widescreen flashes + non-widescreen animations

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