Ender's Game- World Trigger Style … (HBD LucarioRose24!♥)


AKA. Yuuma’s Game!

To the gradnma= LucarioRose24:
I did say it wasn’t Pkmn ^.^ Although I remember I once did a trailer with pkmn for a birthday previously… ANYWAY, because I know you like World Trigger, because I know you like Yuuma and because I had NO IDEA what trailer was good enough for this I present you with this parody… I don’t even know if you know the movie ;P

On November 23rd once again this year but oh well, that’s what you wanted, old hag so here it is. After one whole year! And yes! There IS still another video for you but that’ll be tomorrow and you have NO IDEA just what I’m doing ^.^ I’m rather proud.

In the meantime, happy birthday, LucarioRose24!

About the video:
I don’t like Ender’s Game ^.^” I had to find a good trailer to fit with this anime and it wasn’t that easy BUT I thought this was good and I actually liked the result so it isn’t that bad.

As usual I picked an option out of 5 given to me and this is what came from the option “Make a Trailer with the anime World Trigger”, LR24 and I enjoy this anime and it’s my fault she even got into it in the first place ^.^ I can make her do stuff like that!

Ender Wiggin- Yuuma
Colonel Graff- Jin (Sorry I made you old!)
Petra Arkanian- Osamu (Yes, I made him a girl!)
Valentine Wiggin- Chika
Mazer Rackham- Kido

Once again, Happy Birthday LucarioRose24! Hope you Enjoy!

(Go check out her channel if you don’t know her:


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  1. OHH MY GOSHHHH THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Ahh I actually freakin love Ender's Game and I LOVE World Trigger and when I saw this in my sub box I nearly screamed (whixh wouldn't have been good since it's 8am lol).

    Wow Yuma as Ender is surprisingly fitting cause he can make those really scary blank ish looks and you chose those scenes perfectly. Jin being the one to talk Kido into it was perfect too.

    This trailer is love and yay for finding fellow WT fans ;-; Happy birthday Ashley <3

  2. Ok goober dork xD For starters … you are right, I had NO IDEA it was World Trigger, and seriously though pokemon this whole time xD NOW, I'm trying to find out what icon it was you showed me that made it look like Serena :s that's the newest teaser to me :'3 but thank you so much for this birthday gift <33 It is perfect as always (: I always admired your skill with trailers as you know… Just one thing…. how to say….. DON'T CALL ME A GRANDMA OR OLD HAG YOU BRAT!!!! >8D – Love you sis!!! & I can't wait to meet you in person next year 🙂 hugs


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