Evolving game graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline | Unite Now 2020


Take your cross-platform game visuals to the next level. This video goes in-Editor to show you how to use some of the newest and most popular graphics features and tools that are sure to improve your game.

Andy Touch

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Boat Attack
GitHub repository:
Webinar branch: demo/webinar-unitenow

Universal Render Pipeline examples
GitHub repository:

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  1. Andy Touch: Very nice, informative video. Lots of techniques I'd like to learn more about.
    BTW, when I first went into the repo I noticed most updates were about six months old but that recently (after seeing Sam's nifty version) it got a few small updates (around Jun 30th.) So, for curiosity, I'd like to know what those changes were, please.
    Thank you!

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  3. Unity you have been spending the last 1 or 2 years TALKING about HD- and URP. Neither of them are ready yet, and both feels ancient now. Everything you offer is in preview… The entire Unity engine feels ancient now, especially compared to Unreal's latest presentation. Step up your game Unity

  4. URP needs DECALS. There's still a long way to go before it can be consider a replacement from the built in pipeline.

  5. The current situation, with two incompatible rendering pipelines, is disappointing. You need to pick your poison and heavily compromise either your visual fidelity or your portability. The builtin pipeline was a superior choice since it could scale from low end phones to high end desktops. URP is not a proper replacement since it is missing way too many features.

  6. Any idea when tesselation will be available within the Shader Graph? What's the best way to achieve it now?

  7. 0:45 The speaker
    1:04 Topics
    2:45 Scriptable render pipeline
    6:18 What is URP?
    9:48 Platforms supported
    10:22 Boat Attack: Example project
    10:43 Boat Attack: Problems that it solves
    12:17 Boat Attack: Features
    13:48 Custom shaders (Highly complex uses)
    22:31 URP render flow
    23:38 Scriptable rendered features
    38:42 2D renderer (with URP)
    40:10 Camera stacking
    58:30 The future
    1:02:11 Links (Example projects & Blog post)

  8. Thanks for the talk, for me shader graph its a very good tool, and with this new tools like camera stack, I think that we have all the control of the render

  9. Please go into deeper of shader graph and C# API,how can I extend the function in render pass,how the C# script write can make the post processing stack add my own shader.Where HLSL shader`s include file be?

  10. I tried URP for mobile and i got many issues, performance is good only for new devices. Vulkan implementation is still broke. Cant handle replacement shaders with previous properties (good for debugging shaders). Frame Debugger have error using the new camera stack. Render Feature is preview or experimental. New shader HLSL have error when doing VAT. Error with vulkan and Vsync. Multi Pass shader error ( usefull for effects and pre zdepth). URP dont work with MSAA as it use depth texture, so wee need to rely on FXAA (huge memory print) and GPU usage . (MSAA was virtually free). i can keep going….

  11. how can i edit on asset from script to make custom settings menu for shadows quality and AA and all that stuff


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