October 9, 2020
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This is about Ender who lived in the nether with her sister Cinder aftee her father killed her mother. One day she got a fight with her father and ran away Liam ran after her and decide to take her to the overworld and brought her to Twilight his one friend that act similar to ender…..
3 years later she got bullied of being a nether being by Silver and Emerald.Liam got a fight with Silver to protect ender at school and starting to have feelings for her….
14 years later Ender and Liam they havent seen eachother after college and few things have changed. One night when Ender and Twilight split up to fight few peoples Ender got into trouble and shot a guy wearing white while the one wearing black kind of like her of who she is and decide to make her his…..
Liam saw Ender and the guy he killed the guy without thinking and goes to Ender being different meif’wai thats why Ender always wear a hoodie to cover her ears and hide her tail.

Anyway thnx for watching~

Song~Not alont by red

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  1. Twilight Gamer Posted on July 5, 2020 at 12:35 am

    I gues i cant spell properly lol anyway hope you guys know why Ender does that :3