Geoxor – Virtual


Ohayo! As I look outside, I long for the sweet caress of Geoxor and his sweet hands, as I move in for the ki- Okay, enough ero fanfiction and no I didn’t just let slip that I might have whole books of pegi 18+ fanfiction of different EDM Producers! Where would you ever get that idea from? But what you might get from this track though, is the pure brilliance of the Geoxor the lad him self, who unleashed abomination of a track on this earth not a long time ago, who’s poi’s I still have in my head. No seriously it’s a real problem, I’ve been in a mental asylum four times now because of that track! Make sure to show Geoxor some love and if you liked this track make sure to grab a free download! Also don’t forget to subscribe to MikuMusicNetwork for more uploads!

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Render by ???? // Game // Closers

Background by Shaft // Anime // Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hajimari no Monogatari



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  1. The vocals sounds like the sample Nitro Fun used in their version of Flicker. Any idea about where that voice is from Miku?

  2. Just what i needed on my long day at work a great track that gives me the energy to power through and maybe drop kick some bastards

  3. Damn my SSD rattles whenever it loads data. I'm so desperate! should i replace the bearing?


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