HISHE Dubs – Avengers Infinity War (Comedy Recap)


Endgame is upon us!!! So here’s a Comedy Recap of Avengers Infinity War voiced by How It Should Have Ended for you to enjoy.
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  1. Infinity war Red Skull hey you looking for the soul stone all you gotta do is throw this girl off a cliff endgame Red Skull says same thing thanos: * goes back in time * Thanos: did he just say the same thing and with the same voice red skull: yes Thanos:👌

  2. The ones where you can poke fun at the movie for being bad are a bit more funny, you can’t really do that for infinity war but this was still funny

  3. Star Lord: “Hey Thanos, say something to make me mad.

    Thanos: James Guns was fired and he’s working for DC now

    Star Lord : WHAT!!?!?!

    Tony : Don’t listen to him he’s been rehired!

  4. 1:43 “Waiting for a mission to hit us in the face”
    Spaceship gets hit by Thor in the face literally


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