How Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Should Have Ended


How Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Should Have Ended
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  1. I can’t believe anakin didn’t appear as a force ghost and kill palpatine. He’s the chosen one not Rey. The movie was wasted potential

  2. I like the movie but I see tv show and movie as books. I know if I don't like a book I stop reading it and realize it not for me. I will never try get a writer to change because it rude and I never try to ruin the book or the writer. That the same way as tv and movies. I think fan base is too entitle and need to realize life not fair. Everyone has different taste and so should be able to enjoy the movie without people like fan base ruin it.

  3. Palp: I am all of the Sith!
    Groot: I AM GROOT.
    Palp: distressed I am all of the Sith!
    Groot: EYE AM GRUTE.
    Palp: regretting existence I’m the Sith!
    Groot: I A M G R O O T

    And immmmmmmmm




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