How to Hatch The Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft | 100% Works!


How to Hatch Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft | 100% Works! How to Spawn The Ender Dragon in Minecraft

In today’s video i will show you how you can hatch ender dragon in minecraft. This way to spawn the ender dragon is easy and also is working in minecraft pe, rgular minecraft right now.

The ender dragon egg can be hatched in minecraft and minecraft pe if done right. this tutorial shows you how to crack the ender dragon egg and have an taime the baby ender dragon into a big dragon. The ender dragon will become your pet in minecraft.

This ender dragon egg hatch works on ps4, xbox one, ps3, xbox 360, pc on updates 1.0, 0.17.0+ 1.12 Basically on everything.

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  1. I followed the instructions head to toe only to find out if doesn't work. Try posting stuff that actually works! Don't follow these instructions, it's just a joke to make you waste your precious time


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