How To: Render (Cut Out) An Image in Photoshop


GSmaniamsmart teaches how to render and cut out an image from its background in Photoshop CC with these easy techniques.
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A quick and easy how-to guide for rendering (cutting out an image from its background) an image in Photoshop CC. We’ll be going over several techniques using the magic wand tool (fuzzy select), lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, and quick selection tool to render or cut out an mage. The easiest way involves using the pen tool to create a vector mask and then modifying the selection. Hope you enjoy and learn something!

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  1. idk what im doing wrong but when i try to do this all it does is creates an outline of the image im trying to cut out and leaves the back ground as is

  2. i have a request for you, can you put these two images together; and

  3. I literally followed every single step and the complete opposite happened. Instead of the background disappearing the interior of what I pentooled goes away. I tried Command I and the image just inverts in color. pls help


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