Is this an aligator or a Railgun? – God Eater 3 – Sir Render – Part 11


Sir Render –

Sorry for the late update
A lot of stuff happened ranging from Windows confiscating my computer to update right after I started uploading to a lot of my settings getting derped around by relatives to my internet refusing to accept the fact that it has an Ethernet cord wedged in it

In short the last couple days have been taxing in very menial ways XD

However It’s finally here!
I tried to make an action shot with the thumbnail but it’s really hard to make action thumbnails with how much hud is in the game

I definitely want to finish this game off and Soulcalibur 6
Also I learned Recently that Halo Master Chief Collection is coming to steam soon Hopefully Tendeth and I could record that entire playthrough

So many things to record I wish my internet was better so I could release more and longer stuff

At some point I plan to just throw a long term high quality gameplay up to see how long it’ll take and how much the quality dips

Anyway I as always I hope you enjoy the content
Thanks for watching Good Knight!


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