Let's Compare: Slap Fight – C64 vs. CPC vs. Spectrum vs. ST vs. MegaDrive


I used to like the C64 version quite a bit, back in the days but now it just annoys me to reach for the space bar to activate the power up. I really hate that, even if the computer is located right next to me so I could reach the space bar without standing up like I have to do wit my current setup
It’s not a bad shooter if you can live with that… at least on the C64. The Amstrad version is quite slow, but stays playable. The Speccy version is faster, but it’s monochromishness makes it really hard to spot the bullets.
The ST version is surprisingly decent. Proper speed, fluent animation and scrolling. It retains the power up system from the other version, but besides that it’s really good. Even the music is proper.
The MegaDrive version is the best. It gives you the 2nd button for the Power ups and it even has a “special” mode with a completely different level design.

00:35 : Commodore C64
05:25 : Amstrad / Schneider CPC
08:42 : Sinclair ZX Spectrum
11:03 : Atari ST
16:57 : SEGA MegaDrive / Genesis
22:25 : SEGA MegaDrive / Genesis (‘Special’ Edition)

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  1. ST version made the mistake of arriving far too late for a full price title.

    Arriving a month after Xenon and at £19.95 with uninspired graphics and poor sound..

  2. the amstrad CPC version is FAR superior than the speccy version. I just dont understand how people likes shit monocrome games where you dont see anything. and the colors on the cpc just crush the C64 lame colors. What I see in a lot of videos here is people not understanding the amstrad cpc or just trolling

  3. The annoying thing about the c64 version is they could have just had the ship autoshoot (or maybe used space to toggle auto-shooting on or off), & then used the fire button for selecting weapons..

  4. Wow speccy version super fast, ST version pretty good and Mega Drive more playable with a controller.Thankyou for sharing 😉

  5. In my opinion the Amstrad only has one thing going for it, very vivid colours. The rest is bad sound and jerky scrolling in most games I've seen. With that said, I was and still am a C64/Amiga man. But I can imagine people that had Amstrad CPC back in the day has much stronger feelings about it. I think nostalgia is a big thing

  6. ST wins for the 16 bits, Spectrum for the 8 bit. I know you say the Speccy is to fast, but it shows what it could do with some decent programming; in comparison I would have never even released a CPC version as slow as it is. Now if only they made an Atari 800 version.

  7. Arf, the Mega Drive footage is at the wrong speed, 50 Hz instead of 60. You need to mod your console with a 50/60 Hz switch! 😉

    Anyway I love this game, played a lot the Mega Drive port which is not only the best home version but also one of the best arcade ports ever! Such a fine package with the original arcade game + a fully revamped version (Slap Fight MD) which comes with exclusive music by no less than Yuzo Koshiro + lot of options included an hidden "Toaplan Mode"… Awesome!

  8. Normally on the C64 if you plug another joystick into the remaining port, the fire button acts as a space. Not sure if it works on this game but with a try. You can then use your foot as a weapon selector. Worth a try

  9. I know I've played this. But not on the ST to my recollection, or maybe one time and being annoyed over the space bar issue and decide never again. I think I have it on a Taito compilation for the PS2, but I don't know for sure. Tengen could've licensed it for the home market.

  10. I love hard shooters like this, but I have to admit – the music always drove me away from playing this game, I can't stand that in-game tune, especially on the C64 version.  I havn't seen the MD version until this video, and I'd have to say I like this one the best, they even did something to make the game tune not so ear-wrenching. 🙂  Thanks for the review!

  11. Must admit, I think the music is terrible. I never thought I'd hear a Galway track that was poor … he had an awful base soundtrack to work with. Still, fantastic video Shadowsnose. ST version looked surprisingly good.

  12. Used to have the C64 on the floor, and press the spacebar with my foot 😀 – I was a big fan of this as well, it inspired countless SEUCK attempts.

  13. I never had much of a problem with the Space bar controls. Maybe I was used to reaching to the keyboard superfast frm playing too much Ghostbusters on the C64 ("B" key when the Marshmallow Man shows up).


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