Mahou Shoujo Amy on the Scene – Soulcalibur 6 Ranked Gameplay – Sir Render – Day one Amy


Sir Render –

I honestly cannot wrap my head around this character

she feels almost incomplete in places almost like they built her with the rose mechanic in mind expecting her to always have access to the rose buffs and over nerfing her to match everyone else when she has done so

But in the end it gives off this feeling that she’s inherently less than a character until she gets her buffs going and even after obtaining them she’s like a lesser version of Soulcalibur 5’s Raphael mixed with Sophitia

I’d suggest significant buff to her kit if I could

1. Increase her basic attack range slightly
2. Change how the Rose buff works in general
2-1. Give her most of her Rose buff attacks
2-2. have all rose throw attacks change to new attacks that can be used in place of the specific rose throw
2-3. All remaining special attacks for the rose buff would in the event of not having an active buff throw their corresponding rose to build said buff using their combo

Some minor things might need to be shifted around a bit with these changes but I feel they would make Amy a significantly better character not to mention more fun to play in general

Anyway I’ve said what’s on my mind a bit better than I did at the end of the Video

I hope you enjoy’d watching me try to fight with this character I did my best x3
Thanks for Watching
Good Knight


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