Men aggressively slap each other in Russian strength competition


The painful competition took place on April 29 at the Sarychev Power Expo in Moscow and sees the Russians faces redden as the audience cringe, wince, and moan in the background. The winner, Yuriy Kuzmin from Nizhny Novgorod, took home a grand prize of 25,000 rubles (£296.50) and later joked on social media taking home the trophy was ‘really hard-hitting’.

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  1. Big man reached back, came up thru Poland, Chekoslavaki into the Ukrain. And delivered a meat hammer that slapped the covid out that young man. We have a vaccine! Who wants it?

  2. If it is Red chilli slap i know the pain because my tuition teacher gave me Red chilli slap everyday so tightly. Please comment


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