Minecraft Mob Stories – The Ender Dragon


Ender Dragon! The scariest and the most enormous mob in Minecraft! Short story about a brave guy who is visiting the End to avenge his dead family. (Reuploaded)

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-Sentimental Piano
-Sad Piano
-Sad Piano _ Relaxed Violin Background Music
-Dramatic Fear
-Epic Dramatic Battle
-Dramatic Rising
-A happy_ dramatic ending
-Sad Piano With Chillstep

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  1. I feel very bad for the Ender Dragon I mean really what did it every do to us players in Minecraft all it wants is to protect its egg 😢 R.I.P to a beautiful creature

  2. Cicho Cicho muszę u słyszy gdzie jest słyszę Co Płacz jest w jaskini W jaskini o sześć dni drogi stąd Sześć dni drogi stąd

  3. I love the ender dragon 🙁 i feel so bad actually i forgot ender dragon is my favorite, creeper is my second

    But poor chicken 🙁

  4. Why did you change the video..?
    I know a long time ago this video seemed pretty different than how I see it now. Honestly I perfered the other version. Do you think it will be possible for you to upload another version of this with that old one..? You don't really have to it's your choice.

  5. I always feel like the bad guy when I kill a dragon a steal it’s egg for a trophy. It only attacks you because it knows you are a threat. It makes sure it’s egg is safe. I love dragons so seeing one die is triggered for me.

  6. This makes me rethink the whole story. Sure, we're surviving and attempting to thrive in endless wilderness. But what do we know about the dragon? What does she do in the overworld? Does she try to attack us, rising from her otherworldy dimension at night to slaughter us? No, she stays in her world. She just flies peacefully around her pillars, living her life, and keeping an eye on her baby. And then this guy decked out in enchanted diamond armor and potions bursts in through the portal, intent on killing her and taking her egg as his trophy.
    What do you expect a mother dragon to do? Lay back kindly and say, "oh yes, please kill me and take my unborn child"? No, she's going to throw everything she has at him to protect her baby! Someone tell me why we're murdering a mother dragon?!?!?!

    Maybe I'm just reading too much into a video game but we do that on a regular basis sooooo


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