Minecraft: Modded Dinosaur Survival Let's Play #19 "DINOSAURS VS ENDER DRAGON" (Season 3)


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Minecraft: Modded Dinosaur Survival Let’s Play #19 “DINOSAURS VS ENDER DRAGON” (Season 3)


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  1. I dont know if any of you have seen this music video but this episode kind of reminds me of the music video endstone exsept jerome is there .

  2. Jerome, I am soooooooo happy that you brought back this series. I have been watching it non – stop. It keeps on getting better and better!

  3. hey Jerome I absolutely love your videos, yesterday I was sick and your video made me feel much better
    thanks dood 🙂

  4. Jerome U must plant the spinosaurus dood it should be bigger then a t-Rex if they made the mod after actual dinosaur sizes

  5. You should do a debate. You fight for no creative spawn in for T -REX and Mitch will fight yes. Build a sumo on the tree on top of the cultivator. 🙂 plz

  6. Episode 19 still no funeral for the pterodactyl :'(  no one cares anymore that's why they threw him in lava I'm calling d.p.s .But on the bright side I love the seirize and would love to see more than 20 episodes

  7. Jerome, can you make more unique weapons from the mods u installed? for when you take on the dragon of course. nice vids, #1 thing i look forward to on a sick day or any day off


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