Minecraft: Modded Dinosaur Survival Let's Play #20 "DESTROYING ENDER CRYSTALS" (Season 3)


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Minecraft: Modded Dinosaur Survival Let’s Play #20 “DESTROYING ENDER CRYSTALS” (Season 3)


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  1. Lol when I started playing the fossils and archaeology mod, the first DNA I got was of a Tyrannosaurus

  2. The leopluradon (i may have misspelled that) is a water dinosaur, if you want to spawn one in, you will need a water cage thing.

  3. also to get mammoths or sabertooth dna you need to find white blocks in caves they drop frozen meat which you can analize

  4. Jerome, you need a whip to ride Tweaky eyes to craft it act like you're making a fishing rod but in the top corner where one stick goes put another string @***** 

  5. they could do the intros they did for ASF. a picture with jerome sending a huge middle finger to all of them. those were the good old times… when they swore a lot. now there are just kids here, with stupid superficial comments.
    this should be an adult channel only

  6. Jerome u were doing everything right with the gallimous but the reason u couldnt get on him was because he was in the corner, stuck in the iron bars block space. hope this helps!!!:-)


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