Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A ENDER DRAGON STATUE!!! (EASY)


In this video I will be showing you guys how to build the legendary ENDER DRAGON! It is a complete full body statue. It is a scaled simplified version to be easy enough for anyone who is willing to put the work in to build.

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Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A ENDER DRAGON STATUE!!! (EASY)


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  1. This is really late, but I am in the middle of making this in survival and you need to put lights on top of it or else it will spawn mobs.

  2. i made it and then i made a smaller version in an old world because of the limited space and it still looks really good tysm this is awesome

  3. to get that starting block up in the air you can use the " /fill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ obsidian " cheat and it will place an obsidian block at your position

  4. Thx man I even went a little creative and tried to make the mouth open making it spit out the dragons breath and also putting chains around him like using iron bars or bedrock

  5. ADHDcraft on 18:16 : Owhkey guys i'm sure you are tired as i am

    Me at my 1.15.2 minecraft world : /fill (tab x3 then enter) (cliking the thing that says [CLICK] than go to my targeted block then pressing tab x3 obsidian) in short= /fill [coordinates] [another coordinates] [block] or just //wand


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