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  1. Hey guys! Just to clear up some confusion.. this game is still in development! Of course it’s going to be buggy, I’ve seen a couple comments talking about this, please watch the full video before commenting!

  2. I truly don't think it's gonna beat LL. It just feels like a game that will loose it self in the middle and end up with 200-400 players. :/

  3. I wish it kind look more like brick bronze battling instead of it looking like a paper drawing but they still look dope

  4. ok but LL is way better i dont like the pixel type stuff for he whatever the things are called but thats just my opinion also you can tell loomian legacy put more effort into their game just saying

  5. Dude is can ho n thier discord server over there they even take the suggestions of fans just like they did with me the fire blast the name was my idea and lelance is also working on one other attack I gave him the idea of so it's definitely so cool and will surpass LL
    Here use this to join the server


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