Orc And Hat Modded 27: Caging the Ender Dragon | Cyclic & Botania


Orc an Hat are trying to farm the Ender Dragon. After being unable to ride the Ender Dragon, Orc and Hat are now conducting a series of tests to try and automatically summon, contain, and kill the Ender Dragon.

Today’s episode focuses on containment, using flowers from Botania and fans from Cyclic. If the Ender Dragon can be properly contained, it will both be easier to kill, and will do less damage to any structures we later build on the central island.

The Nomad series has Orc and Hat playing Modded Minecraft 1.10 with the Hermitpack. Initially as mobile as possible, Orc and Hat refrained from setting up a permanent base until completing a series of challenges.

After defeating the Wither, Orc and Hat built a mobile base in the Spectral Realm, that can be accessed from any land, world, or dimension. After defeating the Ender Dragon, Orc and Hat can now build actual real bases… but only in the End dimension.

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  1. good stuff I'm seeing here! i really like the experiments you did with the attempts to contain the dragon, i am unawares of any method of keeping the dragon at any given verticle location beyond what you have done by blocking the portal with a tower, which is an okay method kf containment.


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