Russian Slap Championship 2019. Slap Off Contest KO.


Russian Slap Championship 2019. Slap Off Contest KO.
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Чемпионат России по шлепкам 2019. Конкурс по шлепанию офф.

Unbelievable slap contest from Russia. The intention of this video is to show what are the new sports in Russia. It is very crazy but it is geting very popular.


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  1. 1:31 Ob die sich lieb haben?
    6:17 Erst cool, eine Sekunde später dusselig.
    Aber im Ernst: warum macht man sowas? Und warum steht nicht ständig jemand hinter den Teilnehmern, um sie schnell auffangen zu können?

  2. I feel really bad for the old dude in the black shirt,u can tell he was in intense pain halfway through and trying to hold it in,props to him for holding on for that long even after his nosebleed

  3. So fucked up but can't stop watching its crazy but I'm addicted. Makes me think of when u say do u want a slap lmao 👍

  4. This is when your girlfriend find out you’ve cheated on here and she also told you that she was cheating on at the same time 😂😂

  5. Dude in red and white striped shirt got crazy knockout power. They showed 2 fights both were knockouts. What is the purpose of looking at the face after every smack


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