Sir Render – Silent but deadly… – Attack on Titan 2 part 4


Sir Render –

I’ll be honest this span of two weeks has been some of the worst luck I’ve had in awhile I’m trying to keep moving forward but i just keep getting hit with one misfortune after another

so in case you haven’t noticed this Episode has no Mic Audio outside of the bit I added before and at the end

The Mic didn’t record for some reason and i didn’t realize it until i started editing this goes for this and the next two episodes so i’m going to have to Redub the next two episodes

this one specifically i wasn’t feeling well enough to do and honestly i’m not sure how i currently feel

I’m just happy that i’m blessed with a good friend

so that’s how i’m doing right now

during this video while i was making it i mentioned a hilarious video i found awhile back during the Eren Trial Scene and how much i loved it so at the end of this video I wanted to make a homage to it at the end i personally think i did an alright job

I’ll link the Video at the end of this so that others can watch it

Thank you very much for watching my content if you enjoyed it i’d be very happy if you’d comment like and subscribe

Hilarious Eren Trial Video


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