Slap Fight – Amstrad CPC Longplay


See video description for info and time shortcuts.
Savestates were used.

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This is “Slap Fight” for the Amstrad CPC released back in 1987 by Imagine Software.
Although the play area is small it still has beautiful 16 color graphics, smooth vertical scrolling and responsive controls.
The little tune at the title screen is very good.
Sadly the game is short and it ends very suddenly.

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  1. When i was a kid, I never figured out what the condition was for killing the final bean at the end. I thought you had to have the bomb powerup to kill it as that's the only way i ever did it. It seems like from this video, the trick is to get enough hits in on it before it restarts the cycle.

  2. I played the arcade version after i finished the video and i realized that the game ends at the same point. The graphics on the coin-op are of course way more detailed and you can actually see that the boss is some sort of mechanical brain.

  3. Το είχα άχτι το συγκεκριμένο από μικρό παιδί γιατί μου είχε σπάσει τότε τα νεύρα!
    Αλλά η αλήθεια είναι ότι μου αρέσουν τα μπαμ μπουμ! 🙂

  4. I remember having this on my Atari ST (before i upgraded to the Amiga) and really liked it but sadly never had a cheat for it so was unable to see if it had an ending, good shooter!

  5. That is a strange ending. Another great video mate and some fine shooting. You decribed it well. Nice graphics if a little small but colourful and some decent music too.

  6. Great game this one and a pretty good conversion. Perhaps a short but i recall being quite happy with it when i got it in a games compilation.


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