Slap Fight – Atari ST Longplay


See video description for info and time shortcuts.
Savestates were used.

Here are some cool and friendly channels you must see:

This is “Slap Fight” for the Atari St released back in 1988 by Imagine.

This beautiful game is a request from my buddy Daz who runs a cool channel with Amiga, Spectrum, and Atari XL longplays and videos, all recorded straight from the source.
Daz is using real hardware to record his videos.
No emulators are involved!
Check out his channel:

Sorry mate, but no ending in this game for you.
Just another cheap looping back at the first stage.

00:21 Stage 1
04:17 Boss
04:57 Stage 2
09:41 Boss
10:13 Stage 3
15:37 Middle Boss
18:16 Boss



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  1. what shameless poor game. The C64 version has the same quality sound as Arcade version. The Atari ST version is horrible

  2. It's a tough cookie this game! Had it on the Spectrum +3, played it a lot! recently had a good bash at it in Mame! which was nice! Actually managed to get somewhere! ST version stands up quite well to the Arcade! Thanks for the footage!

  3. Shame this was never released to Amiga even if it had been a direct ST port. Looks quite decent graphics and gameplay wise. Would've been cool to hear the Atari version music instead of the SFX though. Sounds quite bleak when considering even the c64 version had music and SFX at the same time. One of my favorite shoot em ups for c64 from gradius (nemesis) era.

  4. Wow, this takes me back to my pre-Amiga days, could never get very far in this game, not many enemies but their bullets always seem to find me, so disappointing for it just to simply roll over back to the start like that but thanks anyway as now i know how long it takes to win this game.
    Thanks for the upload buddy, my request 🙂


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