Slap Fight on Amstrad CPC 6128. Gameplay & Commentary



Gameplay & commentary from Slap Fight playing on the Amstrad CPC 6128 vintage home computer. Retro Gaming.

Big thanks to Jake, DemonOfGaming for sending this to me.

This is not a review, walkthrough, playthrough, or demonstration of my playing ability.
It’s more a case of me speaking my thoughts while playing the games, many for the first time, and most for the first time in a very long time… so it’s all a little spontaneous and random.
Predictably, as I never practice before recording, I usually play very badly.

Given that I am playing many of these games for the first time, and everything I say is completely off the cuff, you probably shouldn’t take what I say overly seriously. The opinions that I express are my feelings at the time, but it’s entirely possible that they would be different if I were to take the time to get to grips with the game.
However, given that these videos are intended to show that “first time experience”, I believe they have some validity or merit.
If you’d like to know more about why I make my videos the way that I do, it’s all explained in this video

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  1. Huh. This is neither "slappy," nor is it much of a "fight." But, it does have a fun power-up system not unlike Gradius, which came out a year prior, so that's neat!

  2. You have to press space to use your stars! get speed twice (or you move SOOO slowly) then get laser and wing, then side, then keep saving for shield!

  3. you need to do more c64 stuff, slapfight on the c64 was so enjouyable to play – I ragequit that game so many times when you die 20 minutes into a good run 😀 (yesyes, need to this and that, its just a suggestion obviously)

  4. The C64 was better suited for games but was actually even slower than the Spectrum and Amstrad. It just had help with hardware acclerated scrolling and sprites. The Amstrad was more flexible graphically but probably needed more than 64kb of Ram. Oh and a faster clock speed would have helped.

  5. Nice game Steve, I have played the Speccy port but I like this too. It reminds me of a top down view of Gradius. = )

  6. @orangeActiondotcom yes i played it for the music in the arcs in London in the 80s 🙂 then the c64 version did a fine job on the music and we were all happy… until Delta for the c64 came out 🙂

  7. Taito, you say potaytoh I say pohtahtoh and the Japanese have final say on the pronunciation of Taito but I'd say Tytoh as in Gyden(Gaiden) or Sy(Sai), believe me whoever came up with the conversion from kanji to alphabet was crazy.
    The C64 is stronger than the CPC but only by a small margin, you could say the CPC has better colors even if the screen resolution is lower.
    Even with the small window its still sluggish from what I see, just get out of the way of bullets when you feel like it. 🙂

  8. i agree with your pronunciation of Taito, like the powerup system down the side of this, similar to lots of 2D shooters but still something you don't see on them all.
    Good game, and as you say for an 8 bit system its rather splendid visually

  9. So, you fly a space ship, shoot balls, and collect sheriff badges?

    I am so very confused, but intrigued. Good show.

  10. There are many games on the CPC that the C64 cannot do properly at all. Even my total C64 fanboy friend at the time (1986 – 1989 era), would agree with me on this!

  11. i had this on the c64 an this version is more colourful, you can speed the ship up with the stars you collect i think you press the space bar to select from the list on the left.nice vid 🙂

  12. I regret to say I never owned Amstrad computer. I had (ans still have) C64, Atari 800XL and ZX Spectrum. I have to say, Amstrad was a very impressive for its time and the videos you've posting makes me to buy one after all these years 🙂

  13. Yeah, the CPC was impressive indeed!
    Steve, if you want to see something that will really blow you away (if you haven't seen it already, of course), here is the most amazing CPC 6128 demo I've seen (the video description says it's captured on a real CPC) –

  14. Definitely the best looking of the 8-bit conversion.
    Forever an underrated system the Amstrads, my brother had one while I had the c64 so we got to compare a lot of games.
    Flying Shark on the Amstrad was waaaaaaay better.
    Great vid Steve.

  15. Gone off of your semi addiction to Minecraft already ha?

    It's probably a good thing. Everything in moderation I say.

  16. I THINK it's pronounced: "tie-toe" but I'm not entirely sure. 😛
    Anyway, this game looks very similar to Xevious. The only differences seem to be the lack of bombs and the stats screen on the left.
    I never really liked Xevious so I doubt I'd like this very much. 🙁
    Good SWILL! 😀

  17. Quite nice smooth scrolling. Lots of colour, in both the background and the sprites. So an example of what these machines could do when programmed properly. Ignoring the speed that is up there in looks to the Atari ST & Amiga.
    I will have to try and get one of these at some stage.


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