Summer Split Tier List w/ Ender | EUphoria Season 4 Episode 3


Drakos and Froskurinn rank all the LEC teams with Ender.

0:32 Who is Ender? LEC lore
2:17 Bet updates
2:54 New segment: “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly”
– 3:26 “The Good”
– 5:36 Patch 9.12
– 12:54 “The Bad”
– 15:21 Pyke challenge
– 17:18 EU support quality
– 19:25 “The Ugly”
– 20:46 VIT: Objective game
– 27:01 What is wrong with VIT?
37:26 LEC tier list
– 39:15 VIT
– 41:14 XL
– 44:39 RGE
– 47:13 S04
– 50:57 SPY
– 54:27 G2
– 57:40 FNC
– 1:01:48 OG
– 1:05:41 MSF
– 1:07:29 SK
1:08:54 Twitter questions

On-going bet:
Perkz bets on a perfect G2 Summer Split. If he wins, his cutout is added to the EUphoria set. If he loses, his cutout will always be wearing ridiculous costumes and props.

Bets to be resolved:
Drakos and Frosk cosplay bet.
Quickshot frog tattoo bet.

Tune in to #EUphoriaPodcast released every Wednesday 6PM CEST.


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  1. I love the fact that there is a podcast out there watched by many thousands of people where serious points are made using memes.

  2. I would urge Ender to fix his "like" problem if he wants to continue a career in this field …. it is a very common issue which a professional caster should not have. It gets really obnoxious listening to someone using the word in every other sentence for the entirety of the show.

  3. Schalke lost to Sk Gaming and Fnatic, not to Excel… Froskurinn, if you dont know who they won against dont pretend you know it, please.

  4. I love seeing Ender on the desk aswell, he's a really good addition 🙂 Also, fiddlesticks the thalmor, the other elves are okay, but the thalmor uff.. On a side note, how would a roster swap help Vitality out? Would you swap out the entire bot lane, or just the adc or just the sup, maybe the jungler, or try scrims with parts of the academy teams to see what roster would be perfect?
    Again, I love EUphoria, the only thing I can watch on youtube that is more than an hour long without any issue.

  5. Uhm, excuse me, i get that Rogue might not be the best team right now, but vander is clearly at least top5 supp if not higher.

  6. I'm Team Ender on MSF/Schalke. Msf has one win they re not supposed to have against Excel and FCN was never in danger against them. They are better with Kirei but it was the worst team with Vitality week 1. Give them 2 or more 3 weeks and it's gonna be obvious if they can grab Play Off or if they re still 8/9th place material.

  7. thing is Sona on supp is useless, so if they nerf her she get even less pickratio in soloq. So it's not about champ, but double supp items Ender 1:0 Frosk

  8. Used to watch the dive religiously, and not much Euphoria at all. But the more i watch Euphoria, the less i watch the Dive. I can't stand the setup without Jatt, and they consistently remove their second best addition MarkZ for Phreak.. sigh

  9. +10 froskurin. Rekkles is just overrated passive adc. Now his mid is playing better, mid can carry him with perma gank with jungler and tps from top. Still rekkles cant impact the game well, just got hard carry. DXD

  10. Well the problem whit vitality is te communication between atilla and jactroll atilla is way to defensif for jactrolls playstyle atilla is always way to late for jactrolls plays

  11. Reading the comment section was a semi bad idea. I can no longer listen to Ender without counting the "like" and I wanted to listen to this episode multiple times because it's a really good one.

    Me = Dead

  12. thanks ender for supporting the federation in its war against the dominion by making the lowest tier list in their honour

  13. We get an insane amount of analysis and insights thanks to the crew, while the "coloring" part is at the top of lol broadcasts. Also Frosk is underated. Just saying

  14. Please don't do the objective thing again. You guys just talking is more fun to be than this yes no yes no thing.
    Love everything else though!

  15. the coach is always telling jactroll and jiizuke to speak, they have 0 communication. In a skirmish meta no team work is exposed.


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