SUMO SLAP FIGHT! | Zelda Twilight Princess HD #15


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  1. Twilight Princess and breath of the wild are the only zelda games I have played twilight princess on wii and breath of the wild on switch

  2. I played this on Wii and I swear, the whole world is inverted in these vids compared to the world in my playthrough. It's kinda throwing me off.

  3. am I the only one that fangirled at the sight of shirtless Link? yeah? uh… I'll just be over in this corner drooling and staring at pictures of Link…

  4. Wonder why that postman is so familiar?

    He's a descendant of the running guy in hyrule field from ocarina of time (or at least a good doppleganger)

  5. Martyn-senpia when you have a good chunk of episodes out (something like 50) will you do a montage of the funniest moments?

  6. Martyn, if you keep doing these 10-15 minute episodes, you're gonna end up having like 150 episodes.(Not literally that many, but you're gonna have over 100) Just keep that in mind.

  7. I know you pre recorded this but I'm posting this again as I did back at when you got the lantern. Go into your basement and look in the mirror then put away the lantern trust me

  8. It's going to be interesting to see how he'll get past a few of the Gorons without that howling stone skill XD. I have never seen someone do it without it!

  9. Hey Martyn, here is something about this game. If there is a sparkling noise, that means there is a shiny bug that you can collect. These are collectables that if you trade with a specific character for a larger wallet. These bugs come in pairs (one male and female) and even if they are the same type, they are located in different locations. I'll tell where one pair is but the rest are on your own. There is one right next to the bridge you repair and another near a tree located around east of it.

  10. I don't get why Martyn makes the noises even though the characters make them XD. Like when Midna laughs, he still laughs. I also don't really like his voice for Midna XD


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