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I have never had a true “system” for keeping organized. Trying to jump into any type of new system or schedule and expecting it to work right away will feel overwhelming, and as a perfectionist I know it can set me up for failure. As a mom, some seasons of life call for many things to take a back burner for a while, and it might feel hard enough to keep up with just the minimal tasks. I’ve been there and I know what survival mode feels like. I won’t claim to have a perfect “system” for keeping my life organized, but rather it’s a plan to create small changes and routines to become regular life changing habits. It’s a goal that can hopefully turn into a natural flow in your day that you won’t have to think about twice anymore!

As a visual learner, when I want to implement a new system in my life, I write it down and find a way that will help me stick to it first. Creating checklists help me feel that satisfaction of crossing it off and feeling accomplished. When one thing is done, it gives me motivation to do the next thing. I am a pen and paper girl all the way, and utilizing checklists can help with…

  • Gaining mental clarity
  • Better memory
  • Helping with productivity 
  • Increasing motivation
  • Promoting consistency

Download and use my designs for free!

*New checklists and designs to be added continually*

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