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Logan Paul recently announced that he will no longer be competing in this weekend’s slap fight competition tournament held in Russia. In a letter sent out from his media company – he claimed that an accident during practice lead to Logan no longer feeling comfortable potentially injuring other competitors or himself.

A recent video released of his practice showcases the accident in question. The apparent aftermath, as Logan Paul’s letter puts it, revealed serious injury that became the main reason why Logan Paul stepped down from the competition.

Check out the video of the accident above alongside his original announcement and cancellation letter.

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  1. He was scared to fight Vasily Kamotsky. That video was his excuse to back out with “dignity”. Vasily Kamotsky slapped a watermelon and it vaporized. Logan is slapping pool noodles

  2. So he decided not to compete because he found out that he had a talent for the sport and will definitly win

    Make sense

  3. Logan paul hit te throat and that is illegal in the competition so he would anyway get disqualified

    Even tho vasily would still not feel the slap
    He gets slapped almost all the time and works out all the time

  4. Wtf?! It’s a full contact competition. He’s not participating because why exactly?

    Oh that’s right…full bitch out mode.

    That’s like a fighter quitting a fight because he’s gonna get hit…who could’ve possibly anticipated that?!?!

  5. Logan is a disgusting individual. Honestly he is a horrible person. It's a shame he deleted/hide his very early videos. He is just complete trash.

  6. Just a excuse to back out. He knows that russian is waiting for him 😂. Btw logan got exposed about the slap video, the guy who got knocked out said it was all fake i went down on purpose LMAO.

  7. So are we supposed to believe he didn't tender because he was afraid he might seriously hurt someone? Give me a fucken break. I literally think he just doesn't want to be slapped. Simple as that. Side note I believe he's a sociopath. Just saying

  8. No he backed out because he knew he would loose , but honestly bros really in shape and could compete against 90 percent of the ppl of course big boy would merk him but it’s very sad he had to fake that shit to get out of a fight

  9. Wait a minute he's training on his left hand when the incident happen he slap that guy with right hand what the f***

  10. That didn’t even explain anything about it it literally just showed him slapping someone and then it ends like whattt


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