July 10, 2020
  • 11:39 pm Mứt/Gel để viết chữ và trang trí bánh kem/bánh sinh nhật
  • 11:37 pm Bí Quyết Chọn Size Quần Nữ Cho Người Béo KHÔNG CẦN THỬ
  • 11:34 pm ⁉ THỬ THAI ĐÚNG CÁCH, BẠN ĐÃ BIẾT ⁉
  • 11:28 pm THỊT ĐÔNG – Bí quyết Thịt Heo nấu Đông trong veo, thơm ngon và đơn giản nhất by Vanh Khuyen
  • 11:25 pm ROLEX NỮ SIZE 31

Sir Render –

Okay this video took forever to upload
I’ve also got some issues to deal with due to a recent Windows update so my next upload may be delayed a bit or I might have to change a few things

Turns out the recent update broke my editer so now I’ve just got Windows Photos to work with which would be alright if it had basic things like Sound Balancing with Music and Narration or even 4K support

However it doesn’t which makes things a bit awkward
especially when youtube likes to give me the bad codec if i’m not 4k or so

So what this means is that I’m going to have to try to figure this out or get a new editer but I need mons for a decent editer and youtube doesn’t really pay me yet

I’m gonna try to figure this out for now
So that’s why the next Vid will be delayed
I might also make it a casual video or a Video Update

I also made a Combo Demonstration at the end of the Video for anyone Interested in Cassandra stuff

Anyway Thanks for watching my content
As always I hope you enjoy it
Good Knight

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