Toned & Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner Leg Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)


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My diet during this week:
Low carbohydrate, less sugar/fat food, no junk food, no big meal.
If your body fat is kind of high, recommend you do the whole body fat burning workout( ) and this thigh workout together to get the results faster.


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  1. If you are wondering this do work very well. I'm 16 so I guess my metabolism is still quicker than an adult but doing this for two weeks brought me a good result!
    I didn't change my (bad) diet and I fell shorts being a lot looser on my thighs. Unfortunately I didn't measure beforehand so I can't say how many centimeters I got rid of, but now I can sit comfortably on a shorts that, before, hurt A LOT to wear, especially sitting.
    My mom always said I couldn't loose thighs since it was genetic (I've always been a chubby girl) but now I'm proving her wrong! Thank you for the video, really❤

  2. Heey✨✨
    I'll try to update my results daily and see if this workout really works
    Currently: 53cm
    Day 1: done✔️

  3. When I was reading the comments all have wrote that it works.I really subscribe your channel and clicked the bell icon.😍😍

  4. Привет ребята, я собираюсь начать делать эти упражнения завтра, т.к сейчас уже вечер)
    Мои ляшки составляют 49-47 см, когда как…через три дня напишу свои результаты)

  5. Let's start💪😊
    Right :53.5 cm
    Left : 54 cm
    Day 1: ✔ It was sometimes hard but I did it💪
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    P.S: Sorry for my English😂

  6. been doing this excercise with jump rope(2000 per day)
    Left and right thigh:25in
    Its the second day and there are cramps in my leg, i feel like i can't move at all, can you guys pls suggest some ways to lessen the cramps?

  7. Бедро 54(выполняю 2раза в день)

  8. omg im so grateful that chinese is my mother tongue coz i came from a vid about the results i literally thought this was english or korean vid but its chinese🤭

  9. Guys this workout is insane 🔥 i only did for four days and i already lost 2 inch 😍 highly recommend this workout !!


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